NEWS 24.1.2020

So langsam neigt sich die Auflage unserer aktuelle  FATAL UNDERGROUND Ausgabe Nr .54 dem Ende zu . Dank Eures Interesses haben wir nur noch ganze 15 Stück an Restbeständen hier liegen . Interviews haben wir dieses Mal folgenden Szenevertretern „aufgezwungen „
NYTE LIGHT (Glam Metal Punk ) 
ARMAGENDA (Thrash/Death Metal )
KEITZER ( Grind/Death )
SOUL GRINDER ( Death Metal )  
WHEN AT NIGHT (Death Metal )  
CEREBRAL ENEMA  ( Berlin White Trash Gore Grind )
DIGEST!  ( Death Metal )
DMC RECORDS ( Label /Studio / Instrumentenreperatur ) 
s./w. kopiert / deutsch /102 Seiten
3,50 € ( all incl . )
Wenn ihr noch „unbedingt „ eins abstauben müsst/wollt ,meldet Euch unter  
Wer eventuell noch zusätzlich ein bissel was an anderen interessanten metallischem Material an Land ziehen will , kann sich auch vertrauensvoll  an unsere unermüdlichen Unterstützer von  DESTRUKTION RECORDS  ,GERMAN DEMOCRATIC RECORDINGS  oder SCHATTENMANNS PUBLISHINGS   wenden .  
In den letzten Jahren haben sich CHTHONIC zurückgehalten, seit ihr Leadsänger Freddy Lim in das taiwanesische Parlament gewählt wurde.
Überraschenderweise veröffentlichen CHTHONIC am Montag (18. Januar) in Zusammenarbeit mit FLESH JUICER eine neue Live-Single namens 'TURN THE SUN OFF' und ein dazugehöriges Live-Video.
Zu sehen und zu hören ist 'Turn The Sun Off' weltweit auf digitalen Plattformen.
Anfang Dezember letzten Jahres traten CHTHONIC-Sänger Freddy und Gitarrist Jesse mit FLESH JUICER beim Musikfestival "ROAR NOW! BANGKAH" auf.
Zusammen spielten sie den Song 'Turn The Sun Off', der ursprünglich auf dem Album "Fairy Tales Of Ocean Deep" von FLESH JUICER enthalten war und in letzter Zeit in der taiwanesischen Metalszene sehr beliebt war.
Die Live-Single wurde von Freddy mitgesungen. Sein tobendes Gebrüll und Jesses Gitarrenextremität wurden durch das Mitsingen der lebhaften Menge grandios unterstützt.
Die Power und Energie der Aufführung geben einem das Gefühl, vor Ort zu sein.
Darüber hinaus zeigt das Live-Video Szenen von Taipehs ältestem traditionellen Festival "Chingshan King Pilgrimage (
青山 )", Bangkah Park (艋舺 公園) und der historischen Stätte Longshan Temple ( 山寺).
Es schafft ein perfektes Verschmelzen von Metal-Musik und traditioneller Kultur.
Die Aufführung an diesem Tag wurde auch in der französischen Zeitschrift "Le Point" vorgestellt, die über Taiwans Erfahrung in der Epidemieprävention berichtete.
Mit dieser bemerkenswerten Leistung, die weltweit digital veröffentlicht wird, hofft Freddy, dass sie der Welt helfen kann, mehr über Taiwans Metalszene zu erfahren und die traditionelle Kultur der Altstadt von Taipeh zu schätzen.
"Taiwans Leistung in der Epidemieprävention in diesem Jahr hat uns bekannter gemacht. In Zukunft, wenn die Grenzen offen sind, erleben Sie bitte Taiwan, verlieben Sie sich in Taiwan!"
After a 4-year break, death metallers MISEO are back with their new EP "INITIUM ET FINIS", to be released on February 1st via FatKnob Rec.
After their first album "Lunatic Confessions" in 2014, they aim to recruit listeners with their brute force of german Death Metal again. Still playing a classic style of old school american death metal, MISEO cleverly add some crust and core elements to maintain diversity.
The Gift
An Average Man
Orange Impostor
Castle Of Nightmares
DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present NIGHT PROWLER’S stellar debut album, NO ESCAPE, on vinyl LP format.
Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, NIGHT PROWLER was formed in 2017 by guitarist Luke D. Couto. Since the beginning, the band was influenced by the iron-clad likes of Saxon, Dokken, Iron Maiden, Running Wild, and Demon among many others: essentially, traditional heavy metal in excelsis.
In early 2017, Couto began working on new compositions for a possible solo material, due to the hiatus of his other bands. The initial idea was to release an EP with five tracks, which were composed in the first half of 2017. However, he needed musicians for the recordings and shows, so the idea of solo album was discarded, and he recruited musicians for the project.
The original lineup of NIGHT PROWLER consisted of Fernando Donasi (vocals), Luke D. Couto (guitar), Igor Senna (guitar), Gabriel Teixeira (bass), and Victor Oliveira (drums). After finishing the songs, the band signed with Kill Again Records and, in 2018, released their debut album, No Escape. Like a lost relic from 1986 or thereabouts, NIGHT PROWLER’s debut album presents 10 tracks that are all unified in their fight for metal but each one as different as the next: pumping ‘n’ virile speed one song, velvety mysticism another; sun-drenched sleaze one song, moodily melodic in another; tough as nails from beginning to end, but unafraid to show a softer side now and again, especially with the spacey synths coating climactic closer “Stranger.” And like so many killer private-press metal records from the mid ‘80s, the production’s on the right side of raw, but thankfully never sacrifices any of the inherent heaviness nor earworming hooks. In other words, just like the moniker NIGHT PROWLER itself, No Escape equally evokes the splendors of life after dark as well as its aftermath.
Since then, NIGHT PROWLER have shared stages of clubs and festivals with such bands as Sweden’s Air Raid, Murdeath, Breakout, and Flagelador. In 2019, drummer Victor Oliveira left the band and was replaced with former Leather Faces drummer Cave Hoffmann. Since then, they’ve been working together on new songs and doing several shows promoting their debut album. In the meantime, No Escape is at last unleashed on the most perfect format for classic metal: VINYL!
Release date: February 26th
Release info:
- Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker and download code.
- Special edition on colored vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, download code and patch.
Label: Larvae Records + Nightfear Records
Format: Digital | CD
Homicidal Experimentations is the third full-length from Portuguese death metallers Skinning, an album that sees the bloodthirsty trio keeping pace with their fast and aggressive roots while exploring new elements as they evolve as musicians.
Homicidal Experimentations is filled with the bloodstained brutality of the 90s, delivering a coordinated portfolio of razor-sharp riffs, pounding drums, and a diverse, powerful and well-produced sound.
1 - Homicidal Experimentations
2 - Wrong Path
3 - The Gravedigger
4 - In Her Memory
5 - Sadistic Butcher
6 - The demon
7 - In The Hands Of God
8 - Destroyer Of Existence
9 - Blood Will Be Dropped
Vitor Lopes - Guitar, Vocals 
Luis Barroso - Drums
Homicidal Experimentations - full length album 2020 was recorded and produced in 2015 at the "Hanuman Studios" – Porto, Portugal. Produced, recorded and mastered by Bruno Silva and Skinning.
The legendary Florida Death Metal band KILLING ADDICTION are finalizing the recording of their long awaited 2nd full-length album that will see the light, again, through Xtreem Music and that will be titled "MIND OF A NEW GOD" which will be released on CD, 12"LP, Cassette and Digital, next April 6th.
Following the death of guitarist and one of the original members Chad Bailey, as well as brother of vocalist/ bassist Pat Bailey, in September 2016, coinciding with the release of what is so far the most recent release of KILLING ADDICTION, the EP "Shores of Oblivion", the rest of the members continued in his memory, and in fact, the title of the new album is the same as the last song they wrote with Chad before his demise.
For the recording of "Mind of a New God", the band has returned to the same studio where they recorded their last two recordings. the Helton Music Studios. The art has been in charge of Samuel Araya, who has already done work for albums by bands like CRADLE OF FILTH, ELVENKING, DARK MOOR, etc.
Stay tuned for the track listing and preview of the new album!
Stream "Engine of Ruin" from the band's 2016 EP "Shores of Oblivion" at
The title track to 2018's "Omega Factor" is streaming at
Saint Petersburg (RU) - TRAGEDY IN HOPE have released new single "INSOMNIOUS AUTUMNAL NIGHT." The track comes from forthcoming full-length debut album SLEEP PARALYSIS and is available for streaming at the links below.
TRAGEDY IN HOPE will self-release Sleep Paralysis on February 12. Pre-orders are available now.
The story told in the album's lyrics is as gripping as it is chilling. Guitarist, vocalist, and composer Sasha Giller describes it as follows:
"The story you are going to hear isn’t only a trip across the dark dream world; it is also the story of fighting with yourself. It’s the story about how strong you can get once you accept yourself as you are.
The story of the album starts when the protagonist wakes up in a dream and goes to the mirror where he sees a twisted image of himself, the phantom monster of sleep paralysis. He escapes the place he found himself in, trying to run away from the bleak reality. He flies among white clouds trying to find a rainbow, but falls to the ground when thunderclouds and a storm come.
The world beneath the clouds is filled with rains and a piercing cold. To find a rainbow there seems to be impossible and the darkness slowly starts to swallow him as many others before. He doesn’t give up chasing it, but the truth is, it is him, who is the phantom monster behind the mirror. He is just the mind projection of the true protagonist, who sleeps paralysed seeing nightmares. He tries to explain to the true protagonist that they are two parts of the whole one and only if they accept each other, they both will be able to escape the dark world they are stuck in.
But when sleep paralysis finally ends, a lucid dream starts again."
Track Listing:
1 - Lucid dream
2 - The Celebration Of Despair And Woe
3 - Fighting With The Rain
4 - Winter Wedding Ceremony
5 - The Mistress Of Dark Art
6 - Nightmare Lullaby
7 - Insomnious Autumnal Night
8 - Sleep Paralysis
Album Credits:
The album was written by Sasha Giller.
Mixing, mastering and producing by Vladimir Lehtinen.
Guitars and vocals were recorded by Sasha Giller.
Drums were recorded by Alexander Dovgan’.
Artwork by Alexander Moroz.
CD design by Aleh Zielankievič.
Sasha Giller – guitars and vocals
Alexander Dovgan’ – drums
Back in 2017 a musician enthusiast Sasha Giller from Saint Petersburg, Russia started a metal band under the name of Tragedy In Hope. With the help of drummer Alexander Dovgan’, Sasha has put out a few singles, a demo, and an EP album since the inception of the band.
Its music can be described as black metal based, but the members find this definition rather limiting. In writing the music Sasha tries to convey a certain emotion whether it is rational madness, airy heaviness or just, as strange as it may sound, happy sadness. One does not necessarily exclude another.
Yes, they are still there, and maybe better and harder than ever! "Red Alert" - this is the musical direction of the new album, “THE FINAL CHAPTER”, by the cult Thrash Metal band NECRONOMICON. NECRONOMICON's new album, “The Final Chapter”, is in essence a new chapter for the band. It's the first time that the band has international members, so the sound is dierent because of Rik Charron (ex Exciter) on the drums and Glen Shannon on lead guitar. But, oddly enough, you still know it's NECRONOMICON - due to founding member Freddy, and his distinctive song writing style, and Marco Lohrenz on bass and backing vocals.
The songs on the “Final Chapter”, NECRONOMICON's tenth album, is intricate, hard hitting, full force speed and power - all in one package. There will be a song on this album that will please everyone from Power Metaller to Thrasher. 
As with all the previous years, the album bears the unmistakable and signature sound of Achim Köhler who was responsible for the mixing and mastering.
This album is coming to tear the roof down with a blistering sonic assault and energy that NECRONOMICON are known for.
And maybe it's the final chapter?... Beware of the beast!!!
Black metallers NIHILUM have published a video where Nihil talks about their new release “SUNLESS DEATH”.
Watch the video at these locations:
“Sunless Death” features two new tracks where black metal one-man-army Nihilum has furthered flushed out the concept behind the band between the release of the debut EP until now. 
Guitars, Bass, Vocals - Nihil
Drums - Jere Jolkkonen
Italian horror death metallers TENEBRO sign with Xtreem Music for their debut album to be released next summer. The band will see their debut "Demo 2019" plus the new released cassette EP "Liberaci dal Male", both on CD format on February 23rd through Xtreem Music.
TENEBRO is a Horror Glorifying Death Metal band from Italy. Inspired and influenced by Italian horror cult movies from the 70/80's. The horrendous concept comes from Il Beccamorto's (aka Mortician in English) long-lived family business of funeral directors which they are handing down since 1949.
After some problems and due to illegal activities of their early line-up, they never officially recorded anything. Il Becchino has been forced to stop immediately the project. During last years, he started to write music again that was recorded in 2019 with the help of Il Beccamorto. So, "Demo 2019" was born in March of the same year.
After a short time from the release, Il Beccamorto officially joined to the band. TENEBRO just released a new 3-song EP called "Liberaci dal Male" on cassette format on December 25th, 2020 and will be released on CD format together with "Demo 2019" in February 2021 through Xtreem Music.
1. Cannibalismo Sanguinario
2. Arte Funeraria
3. Il Lamento dei Malati
4. Seppellendo i Morti
5. Nel Terrore
6. All'interno del Cimitero
You can listen their first single "Seppellendo i Morti"at this location:
Il Becchino - Guitars & Vocals
Il Beccamorto - Bass & Drum programming
Label: Comatose Music
Release Date: February 5th 2021
Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal
For fans of: Defeated Sanity | First Fragment | Aenimus | Deeds Of Flesh
Von Young - Guitars
Dan Klein – Drums, Vocals
Steven Chavez – Bass, Vocals
They watch from the distant, endless darkness, from the cold void beyond the North Star - and their patience is exhausted. The slate must be wiped clean. The human experiment has failed; decaying and deteriorating into a seething mass of spite and infection, a virulent, mindless poison. The call will go out, speeding through the timeless constellations to the deep places of the earth, the stygian chambers where it has waited since the beginning – the world eater, the re-set button, the bringer of rebirth through utter destruction...the Colossus!
Combining light speed, incisive riffs and elements of cosmic technicality with sheer heaviness that defies comprehension – sounds from beyond and beneath – Colossus are here to tear down the boundaries that surround the brutal death metal genre, to incinerate expectations and redefine the territories that can be explored. Their debut album, Degenesis is an explosion of breathtaking technical dexterity and remarkable contradictions, as they simultaneously create a sense of space within sound through cunning composition and construction and a monstrous density and weight by using two octave down, pitch shifted guitars along with their standard weaponry. Tracks like ‘Malignant Eye Of Inexorable Ruin’ will satisfy every death metalhead’s need for velocity and destruction, while shocking and surprising, twisting the staid roots of the genre into startling new shapes. Degenesis will purify with fire and Colossus will rise from the cooling ashes as a towering new force of ultra-extremity.
Backed by the formidable firepower of Comatose Music, Colossus are destined to make an indelible impact on the brutal death metal scene and beyond, come the destined date of February 5th. With a line-up featuring members of Lividity, Cryptic Fog and Cereviscera, the credentials of this band are beyond question and one listen to Degenesis will paint the name of Colossus across the hearts of disciples of extremity in blood and fire. A new era of monstrous devastation is about to begin – prepare to be reborn
We're absolutely thrilled to announce this year's LABEL SAMPLER which we feel is the best one so far. All of the songs are brand new and have never been on any previous samplers. This a reflection of our current roster (even though there are many that haven't been able to contribute a new song for this) and what's coming your way in the foreseeable future. The massive 38-song sample is free-for-download and can be found on Bandcamp
A plethora of unique blue-coloured merch has been announced with not one but two artworks made by none other than Mark Riddick and you can view those mockups below. They're available for sale from Bandcamp and our main store exclusively. 
Genre - Death Metal, Grindcore, Technical Death Metal, Black Metal, Doom Metal, Sludge Metal
Release Date - January 18th, 2021
Record Label - Transcending Obscurity Records
For fans of - All aforementioned genres
We've been doing this for a few years now and it seems finally our label is developing an identity. Several of the known label bands have returned to contribute brand new songs from their upcoming releases while new signings have been minimal. It seems that's the way to go but we're incredibly proud of what we've achieved so far and to have amassed an interesting roster of bands from all the styles as always. Like last time, we've segregated the songs genre-wise as you can see below -
Tracks 1-22 - death metal/grind/crust
Tracks 23-26 - technical/brutal death metal
Tracks 27-33 - black metal
Tracks 34-38 - doom/sludge metal
We've enlisted the services of none other than Mark Riddick for the label sampler artwork and he's done a stellar job with it, as always, keeping some of the Indian elements in mind because no matter who we work with, we're aware of our roots. He has also designed our label logo the same way, in line with our local language and script.
For the first time where our label samplers go, we're making coloured merch of not one but two prints, which will perhaps set the tone for the kind of merch we'll end up making this year for the rest of the releases in some way.
We can't thank you all enough for your support over the years and allowing us to reach where we are presently, and of course to the bands that have entrusted us with their music.
Track listing  
PAGANIZER (Sweden) - Down The Path of Decay (Death Metal) 
HEADS FOR THE DEAD (International) - Maniac (Horror Death Metal) 
FERAL (Sweden) - From the Ancient Tombs (Death Metal) 
DISKORD (Norway) - Abnegations (Death Metal) 
HELLFROST AND FIRE (International) - Legion of Hellfrost And Fire (Death Metal) 
LEPER COLONY (Sweden/Germany) - The Human Paradox (Death Metal) 
ABYSSUS (Greece) - The Beast Within (Death Metal) 
CRYPTS OF DESPAIR (Lithuania) - Anguished Exhale (Death Metal) 
REVULSION (Finland) - Lihaan Sidottu Kirja (Death Metal) 
MORGUE SUPPLIER (US) - Closing In (Death Metal/Grindcore) 
NASTY SURGEONS (Spain) - Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (Death Metal/Grindcore) 
NECROPHAGOUS (Sweden) - Order of the Lion (Death Metal) 
HATCHET (Sweden) - By Inferno's Light (Death Metal) 
BIZARRE (Spain) - The Shadow Over Innsmouth (Death Metal)
DEFECT DESIGNER (Norway) - Wrinkles (Death Metal) 
VAHRZAW (Australia) - Waiting with the Wolves (Black/Death Metal) 
ABSCESSION (Sweden/Germany) - Rat King Crawl (Death Metal) 
DAEMONICUS (Sweden) - To Poison Everything (Death Metal) 
VIANDE (France) - La Tombe Avide (Dark Death Metal)
0N0 (Slovakia) - Shattering (Experimental Death Metal) 
SARCASTIC OBEDIENCE (Greece) - Cataclysmic (Death Metal) 
WORLD IN RUINS (Sweden) - In Misery (Crust/Grind/Death Metal)
GODLESS TRUTH (Czech Republic) - Breathe Fire (Technical Death Metal) 
CUTTERRED FLESH (Czech Republic) - Where Only Old Flesh Stinks (Brutal Death Metal) 
THE LAST OF LUCY (US) - The Demiurge (Technical Death Metal) 
SUPREME CONCEPTION (Czech Republic) - Transgression I (Technical Death Metal) 
ARKHETH (Australia) - Kundalini (Experimental/Jazz Black Metal) 
THE FUROR (Australia) - Necrorebellion (Black/Death Metal) 
ASHEN HORDE (US) - The Throes of Agony (Black/Death Metal) 
VORGA (Germany) - Starless Sky (Atmospheric Black Metal) 
NOLTEM (US) - Illusions in the Wake (Black Metal) 
SARCOPTES (US) - Spanish Flu (Black Metal) 
DECIPHER (Greece) - Chants of the Unholy (Black Metal) 
EREMIT (Germany) - Secret Powers Entrenched in an Ancient Artefact (Sludge/Doom Metal) 
ARCHE (Finland) - Reverential Silence (Atmospheric Doom Metal) 
71TONMAN (Poland) - Plague (Sludge/Doom Metal) 
BØG (Australia) - Thoracic Helm (Sludge/Doom Metal) 
SOLEMN ECHOES (US) - A Worthless Disgrace (Atmospheric Doom Metal)
Thanks a ton!  Kunal Choksi (label owner) Transcending Obscurity Records
Label: Self-Released
Format: CD | Digital
Portuguese thrash/death metal outfit released in December their debut EP "Survive the Wasteland". This EP features 3 tracks where the band described their point of view about humankind.
"We take a brief look at Humankind's situation on this chaotic world we live in, where we are forced to survive by all means possible."
Lost cause?
Tortured Mind
Malevolent Kin
António Cardoso - guitar
Rangel Coutiño - vocals
Paulo Queirós - drums
'Dalton' Rodrigues - bass
Recorded at Blind & Lost Studios, produced, mixed and mastered by Guilhermino Martins.
Dear Friends in the Press and Media worldwide, We're honored to present you with the imminent and first ever vinyl release of "ECSTASY WITH THE NONEXISTENTS", the final posthumous release from unrivaled French experimental death metal masters CHAOS ECHŒS.
Perhaps their most ambitious, imaginative and all-encapsulating recorded output ever, "Ecstasy With the Nonexistents" represents the final testament from the absolute gods of underground experimental death metal. First released as disc 1 of the 2019 2CD outtakes compilation "Remains" (first released in 2019 via Utech Records), this massive and gloriously-sounding professionally mixed and mastered live soundboard recording captures the french masters of ritualistic death metal alchemy at the pinnacle of their transformative power as they step out of every comfort zone known to revisit familiar places and re-emerge into a new and unseen transfiguration of themselves. Profoundly moving and ungraspably visionary, "Ecstasy With the Nonexistents" sees the French alchemists metamorph and manipulate some of their most iconic tracks to subvert and transcend their own identity, creating a ritual within a ritual, where death and black metal, experimental noise and ritual ambient dissolve into a singular flow of consciousness dictated by the abstract axioms of transformation, ritual improvisation and free form deconstructionism. 
"Ecstasy With the Nonexistents" is now pre-ordeable in all available formats and streamable in full now via our Bandcamp and webshop, to be officially released on February 5 2021. The glorious posthumous live album will be available both digitally and as a massive limited edition 2XLP available in two vinyl colors with a gatefold sleeve designed as always by Chaos Echœs visual mastermind and bassist Stefan Thanneur.
Sincerely,  Sentient Ruin
DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present SIGNIFICANT POINT’s highly anticipated debut album, INTO THE STORM, on CD and vinyl LP formats.
Hailing from Japan, SIGNIFICANT POINT was formed by guitarists Kazuki Kuwagaki and Gou Takeuchi in March 2011. Holding high the banner of old-school speed/heavy metal, they started playing live shows in Tokyo. Through a lot of member changes, SIGNIFICANT POINT released their first demo, Attacker!, in 2014 and the Live at Tokyo CD in 2017. In 2018, the two-song EP Attacker was released on 7” vinyl by France’s Inferno Records, and it received a good reaction in the underground scene.
Itormentor (drums) and Kazuhiro Watanabe (bass) joined in 2016 and 2018, respectively, and the current lineup of SIGNIFICANT POINT was at last finalized. In 2019, they started recording their first album. With great help from George Itoh (Risingfall / Military Shadow), it was completed in September 2020 after a year and a half of effort.
Fittingly bearing the title Into the Storm, SIGNIFICANT POINT’s debut album is indeed a monsoon of heavy metal mayhem, spanning traditional and epic styles to speed metal and even early power metal. The band live and breathe heavy metal in all its classicist forms, and the quintet know the intrinsic power of hooks and especially variety, both of which are found bountifully across Into the Storm. With enviable ease, SIGNIFICANT POINT marry masterful execution to high drama whilst never losing the importance of actual songs – in other words, no style over substance here. Truly, you will NOT be able to get any of these 10 anthems outta your head, and large credit is due to the poetic dual-guitar interplay of Kuwagaki and Takeuchi; dazzling to say the very least, their leads and solos are almost another singing voice. Which is to take nothing away from the rest of the band, who bring together melodic bass-work, tastefully propulsive drumming, and the high-pitched metal-warrior vocals of George Itoh to create a veritable orchestra of sound.
While the bulk of the lyrics are in English, the unique tonal qualities of Japanese lend Into the Storm comparisons to Loudness’ early, proto-epic metal albums like Devil Soldier and The Law of Devil’s Land. But casting one’s metallic gaze further across continents (and decades), SIGNIFICANT POINT significantly point to myriad elements of such legends as Grim Reaper, Metal Church, Sinner, Cloven Hoof, and Omen on to the culter likes of Shok Paris, Liege Lord, Sortilege, Agent Steel, and Savage Grace, all with a firm grounding in the classics of Scorpions, Rainbow, Judas Priest, UFO, and Iron Maiden. Any way you slice it, the katana of SIGNIFICANT POINT is deadly, so prepare to go Into the Storm!
Release date: February 26th
Release info:
- Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker and download code.
- Special edition on colored vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, download code and patch.
- CD edition with sticker.
Thrash/Death metallers ON WAR released a new single entitled “DEFINITION", taken from their debut release "END AND MEANS".
Listen “Definition” at this location: 
For fans of : Slayer, Testament, Sacred Reich...
Label: Odium Records
Release Date: 26 January 2021
Genre: Black/Death/Thrash Metal
For fans of: Venom | Vader | Behemoth | Sodom
Baal Ravenlock – Bass/Vocals
Les - Guitars
Diabolizer - Drums
The sun rises once moreupon the slopes of Megiddo and the opposing forces greet the dawn with hymns and howls. The Seraphim reach for their shining spears of celestial light and unfurl their six-fold wings; the Nephilim unsheathe their swords of cursed infernal steel and another day in the endless battle is poised to begin. But then a new darkness rises from the ranks of the hell born, towering above the descendants of Cain and casting long shadows of fear over the ranks of heaven. The Lord himself takes the field as the chants rise in a tumult of sound from the bestial throats of the damned...”Natas Liah! Natas Liah! Natas Liah!”
When some bands return from long years of silence they bring disappointment and a tarnishing of their reputation with them. But others, they bring a glorious shattering of the silence, a fulfilling of hopes and surpassing of expectations in mighty and imperious fashion. From out of the void the hellblast has sounded once more and Hell-Born have returned. Disciples of their devil’s work can rejoice, as these Polish masters of black, death and thrash metal have never sounded more accomplished and powerful. New album, Natas Liah, is everything that Hell-Born have always been – and more. From the first explosive moments of ‘When You Are God’ to the final triumphant declaration of total victory that is ‘Blakk Metal’, the raw muscle and blood of Hell-Born’s classic sound glistens in the fires of battle. Between those rampaging war cries the cruel precision of ‘Uroboros’ and the doom-laden march of ‘Son Of Earth’ present a band that has reached a new peak of confidence and mastery. There is no song on Natas Liah that doesn’t stand proud as one of Hell-Born’s finest creations.
Featuring guest contributions from Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski of Behemoth – the band that Hell-Born’s Baal Ravenlock helped to form – Natas Liah is a towering edifice of darkness and extreme metal. Its sound has been perfectly honed by Haldor Grunberg (Behemoth, Blaze Of Perdition etc) and Odium Records now stand shoulder to shoulder with its creators. All the pieces are in place for a new era of darkness to begin! When 2021 begins, be prepared to kneel or die. Hell-Born have returned from the vale of silence and this time there will be no respite until the field is ours!
Born in the depths of the forest, where the spirit intertwines with streams and waterfalls, THE CHANT OF TREES is a meeting with our most profound essence. A communion with the murmur that is hidden deep within the mist of the modern world, showing itself only to those really looking for it.
The chants rise and blend in turn with the guitars as well as the sounds of the forest through different paintings, allowing a return to balance and the pacification of energies within consciousness. A soothing journey into our infinity inner.
Initiated by Zahaah, head of the band HIMINBJORG, this new project giving pride of place to acoustics is defined as "Meditative Folk Metal".
The melodies are alternately soaring, ethereal, melancholic, shamanic without refusing some more tumultuous pranks.
Throughout the record, you can hear Baptiste from BOISSON DIVINE release the boha, the aboès, the mandolin, the tin whistle or sporadically add a few touches of electric and acoustic guitar.
This is not the first collaboration between the two fellows, the album "Wyrd" by HIMINBJORG (2015) attesting to this meeting.
This album will be pressed in an exquisit A5 CD digipack, t-shirts and posters created in collaboration with the inspired artists Pascal Moguérou and David Thiérrée.
You won't have to wait too long before the realization of this project since the physical release is scheduled for January 29th on Shaman Voice Production. The digital release is scheduled for February 1st.
Tracklisting :
01 - The Chant Of Trees
02 - Along The Stream
03 - Gaze Of Time
04 - The Boundless Seas Part 1
05 - The Boundless Seas Part 2
06 - Heilaah
07 - War Day
08 - Shaman
09 - Springtime Of The Soul
10 - The Absolute
11 - The Dawn
HORROR PAIN GORE DEATH PRODUCTIONS have signed French female-fronted Gothic Doom/Death Metal act WINTEREVE. The new album October Dark is up now for pre-order and will be released February 19th on CD and Digital formats. October Dark was Mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studio. 
Hailing from France, Wintereve formed in 2013 and perform female-fronted Gothic Doom Metal. October Dark presents 8 tracks that convey the innermost sense of artistic and poetic beauty through sorrow, darkness and depression. Wintereve showcase haunting melodies, soaring female vocals and growls of despair throughout 55 minutes of Doom laden Gothic Metal. October Dark was recorded by Didier at Mastercut studio, and Mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studio. For fans of Therion, Paradise Lost, Tiamat, Katatonia, Dead Can Dance, Draconian, Dark Sanctuary and Trees Of Eternity.
Listen to the track "Call of the Void" at
Pre-order the split on CD and digital at
Pre-save this release on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. at
Track Listing:
1. Olima
2. Sea Of Suffering
3. The Quiet Desperation
4. October Dark
5. Call Of The Void
6. Forgotten
7. To Die In Your Arms
8. Down The Path To Perdition
Finnish black metallers QWÄLEN have signed to Italian label Time To Kill Records for the release of their first album, "UNOHDAN SINUT".
The album will see an official release on 19th February 2021 on limited edition vinyl and digital formats. The title track, "Unohdan sinut", is now streaming at
The band states: "We guess Darkthrone, Nifelheim, Bathory, Terveet Kädet are the acts that we are influenced by. Some things you can hear in the sound, some not. The band's sound sort of just comes out as it is, even though we try to write songs with whatever focus there is".
01 - Pimeä tila
02 - Viekää minut pois
03 - Polku
04 - Hän ei tule koskaan
05 - Rituaali
06 - Unohdan sinut
07 - Temppeli
Hailing from Oulu/Helsinki, QWÄLEN found its current form in 2017 after a bunch of different lineups. The band members share a passion for playing music in its various raw manifestations and their band backgrounds include Kürøishi, Nistikko, Dumathoin and Akma among many others. The members have been actively involved with the underground punk scene and this longtime involvement in the punk scene can also be heard in the music, with Young and in the Way and Dödsrit influences seeping into their interpretation of black metal. Lyrical content concentrates mostly on self-portrayal rather than the stereotypical anti-religious themes.
Demo (2018)
"Unohdan sinut" (2021)
Eetu - Vocals
Antti - Guitar
Henri - Drums
Ville - Bass
Samuli - Guitar
Another blast from the twilight has been delivered by the german black metal squad STIRIAH. Two years after the last full length album "Aurora", the four guys from Berlin released their newest piece of black metal CRAFTMANSSHIP "INTO THE DEPTHS". A free fall into the chaos of the human mind, guided by the sirens of the underworld, dissonant riffs and blastbeats.
The band comments:
"We are proud to present you our musically version of dantes inferno.
It seems like the only good thing about the pandemic is, that a lot of great material can be written, when there is nothing else you can do."
For fans of : Emperor.
Formed in 1990, UNBOUNDED TERROR is one of the most legendary bands within the Spanish Death Metal scene, having the honour of having released the first Death Metal album in the country, on 12"LP, CD and Cassette via Drowned Prod. (Pre-Repulse/ Xtreem Music). In January 2020, UNBOUNDED TERROR released their sophomore album "Faith in Chaos" also on CD, 12"LP and Cassette formats, making a great comeback and proving that they are in great shape.
Vicente J. Payá - Guitars  
Andrew - Vocals/Bass  
Portas - Drums  
Juan - Guitars
Label: Self-Released
Format: CD | Digital
Country: India
Genre: Thrash/Heavy Metal
Indian thrash/heavy metal collective Bloodkill are releasing "Throne of Control" on January 19th, 2021.
The band comments: «'Throne of Control' has an underlying story of how things are bitterly different from what it looks on the surface. Two sides of the same coin, narcissism, corrupted governance and the presence of duality in everything is what we talk about with our debut full-length album.»
1. The Unveiling
2. Blindead Circus
3. False Face
4. 3B
5. Unite and Conquer
6. Horrorscope
7. For I am the Messiah
8. Throne of Control
Anirudh Gollapudi - Vocals
Vishwas Shetty - Rhythm Guitar
Shubham Khare - Lead Guitar
Yash Wadkar - Bass
Jay Patil - Drums
Recorded at Illusion Studios, Produced by Keshav Dhar (Skyharbor, White Moth Black Butterfly)
DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present a brand-new mini-album from Canada’s SANDSTORM, DESERT WARRIOR, on CD, 12” vinyl and cassette formats.
It was but the spring of 2020 when DYING VICTIMS unleashed SANDSTORM’s debut album, Time to Strike, onto the worldwide metal scene. Prior to that, the Vancouver-based band had self-released the album in early 2019, and while the initial run sold out quickly, it remained a diamond in the rough. But indeed, diamonds shine regardless, and soon enough did Time to Strike’s gleam reach all corners of the globe: here was glorious (and gloriously scrappy) pre-speed/thrash HEAVY METAL in the literally ancient, sword-wielding style so favored in the early ‘80s, rendered in such authentic (and authentically over-the-top) style, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this was some unearthed relic from the era. Word spread, and rightly, that SANDSTORM were the Real Deal.
And now, with the imminent release of Desert Warrior, SANDSTORM prove loudly that they are the REAL fucking DEAL! A swift-yet-generous record at 21 minutes, the four songs comprising Desert Warrior are thematically unified by classic late ‘60s / early ‘70s sci-fi tropes, and the power-trio suitably keep the focus squarely on riffs and atmosphere. Those riffs retain the same feeling as the full-length predecessor – nothing overdriven, everything moving at a hot-rockin’ pace – and where medieval magick ran riot across a strongly rock ‘n’ roll backbone, here do SANDSTORM evoke a strong sense of the epic and tragi