NEWS 19.1 2020

Für mehr als nen kleinen Nachschlag an musikalischer Unterhaltungskost hat es diese Woche leider hier bei uns diesmal wieder nicht gereicht . In Sachen aktueller Veröffentlichungen ,Neuigkeiten und Terminen könnt ihr Euch auch weiterhin hier bei uns auf der Seite oder unter auf dem Laufenden halten .
Aktuelle Reviews :
Zum Jahresausklang 2019 hatten wir das Vergnügen, Euch mit 'THE MAKESHIFT CONQUEROR' das neue Album von BURDEN OF LIFE anzukündigen, das am 06.03.2020 (VÖ) bei NOIZGATE Records erscheint.
2004 als klassische Melodeath Combo gestartet, haben sich BURDEN OF LIFE inzwischen zu einer der spannendsten Progressive Metal Bands der deutschen Szene gemausert. Komplexe Arrangements, vertrackte rhythmische Spielereien, progressive Songstrukturen, brachiale Härte, hymnisch anmutende Chöre, dramatische Reduktion: Den Regensburger stehen einfach keine musikalischen Korsetts! Und so präsentieren sich die vier Querdenker auf ihrem vierten Studioalbum 'THE MAKESHIFT CONQUEROR' (VÖ 06.03.2020) einmal mehr ungemein facettenreich. Das Resultat sind neun unvergleichlich abwechslungsreiche und spannende Tracks, die Haken schlagen, mitreißen, knallen und grooven. Und dabei stets ein harmonisches Gesamtwerk bilden! BURDEN OF LIFE laden zur Entdeckungsreise und schlagen mit 'THE MAKESHIFT CONQUEROR' neue Wege durch den Dschungel der musikalischen Möglichkeiten. Gut so: Jenseits des Dickichts gibt es viel zu entdecken!
Übrigens erscheint mit 'GEISTESBLITZ' bereits am 31.01.2020 die erste Single aus dem neuen Album. Natürlich stilecht mit hollywoodreifem Video! Nicht verpassen.
  Beste Grüße, Eure Annelen
Label : Metalworld
Country: Switzerland
Genre: Thrash Metal
Jonas Schmid – Voice, Guitar
Valentin Moessinger – Guitar
Stefan Haeberli – Drums
Joel Strahler – Bass
For over ten years the so called «Thrash Metal Revival» stood for uninspired copying of legendary bands in the genre. Finally the time has come for a contemporary interpretation of the most versatile metal genre there is. Clear the stage for COMANIAC.
After being crowned as «THE Thrash-highlight 2015» with their debut album «Return To The Wasteland», it was their second offering «Instruction For Destruction» which sent them around the globe (with somewhat 100 shows in over 15 countries) with several outstanding tours, festivals, headlining gigs and direct support slots in Europe and Japan with bands like METAL CHURCH, OVERKILL and DR. LIVING DEAD.
While the band name COMANIAC is put together from the two words «company» and «maniac», the upcoming album «Holodox» is deviated from the prefix «holo»  (greek: holos, whole) and the suffix «dox»  (greek: dox, opinion).
«Holodox» stands for a person's final belief, an idea to answer all questions, a rise from personal stuggle onto a meta-level. 
This album produced by Tommy Vetterli (CORONER) takes you on a journey through different states in life dealing with fear, loss and the hopeless path towards perfection and brings a unique sound into a genre, which has suffered from musical monotony and sterile productions for many years.
They played tons of gigs as headliner, proudly toured and shared stages with:
Emotional Darkness! "Rumbling Chapel" is the third album of the psychedelic Doomcore Band Warped Cross, founded in 2008 in Saxony. On more than 50 minutes the 11 songs roll themselves full of emotional gloom into the ears and brain of the inclined listener. But even if they are always playing with the foot on the brake pedal, the Saxons are of course not a pure doom band, but celebrate their versatile mix of their impacting riffs, driving drums and partly pathetically performed vocals in a sound garment that should also appeal to fans of bands like Down or Crowbar.
Rumbling Chapel was recorded and produced at the Larox Studio in Chemnitz. The album was mastered by Roland Wiegner at the Tonmeisterei Oldenburg (a.o. Hammerhead, Long Distance Calling or Feine Sahne Fischfilet). The great artwork, which perfectly fits the dark style of the album was designed by the Leipzig tattoo artist "The Sepp".
With "Rumbling Chapel" the band underlines that they can be reckoned with also in 2020 and offers a perfect soundtrack for the rather cold and dark days of the year!
Label : Chaotic Doom Records
Country: Finland
Genre: Death Metal
Kaos - Guitar, Vocals
Spider - Drums
Goatburner took off on one burning hot summer night of 2017 in the depths of Helsinki after few ideas were thrown around by the drummer Spider and guitarist/vocalist Kaos. Main idea was to start writing unique songs in vein of the deathmetal heroes from late 80's and early 90's with some new spices from negative sludge and powerviolence madness. The duo entered the 1st rehearsals open-minded, not knowing that they will spend many other nights together writing and arranging their debut releases, to be recorded just 6 months later.
Being a duo was feeling so effective and simple, that they decided to keep it at that as Kaos has done his pedal and amplifier research with Morbid Evils and got his vocals into sharpened, cutting through shape with the Finnish grindcore legends Rotten Sound. Spider had done his share of songwriting and drumming with Ratface hardcore, cult-chaos outfit Pikakassa and techdeath band Skulmagot. They felt confident about the minimalistic approach as time went on and decided to book Chaotic Doom Cave Studios for one weekend in 2018 to record their first efforts as a band.
The debut session was recorded as organic and live as the band is and was finished after just 3 days in the caves of doom and chaos. Goatburner tracked total 13 songs, of which 2 were spontaneously written at the very end of the session. The 1st taster of the session, self-released “Time to Burn” digital EP, came out in August 2018 and will be released also as other formats during this year.
The debut album, "Extreme Conditions", goes through the weather of today, with such unpredictability, that one could not forecast the next riff, tempo, drum beat or lyrical pattern. While "Time to Burn" might have sounded almost uplifting at times, "Extreme Conditions" focuses on the negative and disturbing sides of the chaotic forces of nature we have to live in today. It grabs the listened with such power from the introductory "Dead Alert" to closing track "Wave of Doom", that the one does not even realize, how quickly the 33 minutes of mayhem passes while listening to it.
Comatose Music
Release Date: March 13th 2020
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
For fans of: Disentomb | Gorgasm | Visceral Disgorge | Disgorge
Daniel Brockway - Vocals
Matt Day - Bass
Jonathan Blake - Guitar
Nat Conner - Drums
As a hell of human construction is unleashed in a rain of fire and sky-splitting unnatural thunder, he walks the broken streets. He brings the mercy of oblivion to those who cower amongst the wreckage of lives that are now but distant dreams. In the uncertainty of conflict he dispenses the simple surety of annihilation to all. He silences their fears, bursting their skulls in his iron clad hands. He unravels the panic that gnaws at the long, slippery ropes of their entangled intestines. He blinds the eyes that can bear no more horrors, chews and swallows their pain-flooded, bleeding hearts. He is systematic destruction in a world torn asunder, the grand leveller, the architect of genocide...
Texas has always been a fertile breeding ground for the most brutal extremes of death metal and Houston’s Architectural Genocide have proved themselves a match for all the illustrious, gore-soaked names who have gone before them. Their debut album, Cordyceptic Anthropomorph is the sound of sheer brute force within a maelstrom of violence and pulverised flesh.  Armed with songs like opening track ‘Spires Of Mangled Tissue’, a song of bewildering savagery and staggering strength, this album is a blast beat driven war machine.  It subjects you to a blistering, bludgeoning attack upon your sanity, throwing you into the firing line of machine gun riffs, laughing as you’re ripped to shreds. The utter venom that seethes through every warped note of ‘Gorge On Deceased’, the vehement anger in every guttural roar that drives ‘Abolishment Of Human Existence’, is exhilarating and terrifying in equal measure. Cordyceptic Anthropomorph is not a listening experience you will walk away from unscathed. As Jim Morrison once said, ‘no one gets out of here alive’.
When Comatose Music heard Architectural Genocide’s 2018 demo, they knew immediately that this was a band that belonged in the rotting ranks of their host. Their faith in the band’s ability to deliver some of the most punishing sounds known to man has been repaid tenfold with the delivery of Cordyceptic Anthropomorph. Mixed and mastered by Davide Billia (Beheaded, Antropofagus, Hour Of Penance etc) this sounds as bowel-burstingly heavy as you could possibly wish for. As a new year dawns, Comatose Music bring us a new band and a whole new level of sickening, slamming, brutal death metal power!
Label :
Deformeathing Prod.
Country: Poland
Genre: Grindcore
Jakub Brewczyński - vocals
Saran - drums
Kamil Nowicki - guitars
Przemysław Bojar - bass
Three years after the release of the debut album "Every Scum Is A Straight Arrow", Straight Hate returns with their sophomore album, "Black Sheep Parade". They return feeling confident, strong and with the desire to open new doors and explore!
Retaining their own character, the grindcore band is not afraid to penetrate new music fields and use original and daring solutions. On the new album you can listen influences from Swedish death metal and even some black metal elements. It is no accident that the guest on the album is S. (Blaze Of Perdition, Ulcer).
16 songs and 30 minutes are just enough to prove that Straight Hate is in line with the best grindcore bands from Poland. Expect powerful, energetic and modern material for fans of Rotten Sound, Nails, Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Nasum or Entombed.
The cover author is Maciej Kamuda.
On January 31st, 31 years after "Mistreated", the brand new SDI album "80S METAL BAND" will be released on MDD Records!
The album features 12 tracks, which reflect the band's range from speed metal grenades to metal anthems in the best old-school way. "80s Metal Band" is not only the title of the new full-length but also describes the feeling and attitude of that era, taking the listener 30 years back in time, as if we were talking about time travel.
The mix of Føni Goedereis and the mastering of Peter "Pluto" Neuber (Primordial, Blood Red Throne, Manos) make sure that the sound of SDI fits into the new millennium!
Watch the video of the title-track at MDD Youtube Channel:
We are proud to reveal the artwork and the title of the 2nd Graceless album "Where Vultures Know Your Name" and with this, they're about to set the world ablaze.
8 brand new tracks by these Dutch doom death masters, these tracks will guide you straight into their darkness and leave you begging for mercy? None will be shown...
"Where Vultures Know Your Name" will be available in all media formats. LP, CD, MC and Digital...
- LP's will be limited to 300 copies!
- 100 Black
- 100 Orange
- 100 Transparent orange / Green marbled
Music cassettes:
- Full Body printed Cassettes limited to 50 copies!
Release date is set to March 2020, pre orders of this release will started January 2020.
Bandphoto by: Eva Nagler
Artwork by: Alex Tartsus
Layout by: Rai Wolters
It's been 28 years of waiting, but finally, the most legendary Spanish Death Metal band, NECROPHILIAC, are revealing details of what will be their second album that will be titled "NO LIVING MAN IS INNOCENT" and will be released in March 12th, 2020 through Xtreem Music on CD and 12"LP formats.
NECROPHILIAC emerged in 1988 and recorded 5 demos before releasing their classic debut album "Chaopula - Citadel of Mirrors" in 1992, becoming one of the milestones of the genre within the Spanish Death Metal scene. The band dissolved a year later, and returned in 2016 coinciding with the re-issue, through Xtreem Music, of their album in a 2-CD set with all their demos, under the title of "Maze of Forking Paths".
The current lineup of NECROPHILIAC, has four of the original members: Bongo (vocals), Ery (guitar), Miguel (guitar) and Sweick (drums), plus the newly incorporated bassist Ramón. "No Living Man is Innocent" was recorded by Jesús "Punti" Montilla at Wandering Studios and was mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studios. The cover art is an exclusive conceptual masterpiece created by the artist
Artem Grigoryev.
Tracklist :
01. Piper Leading Innocents
02. Hunting Humans
03. Magma of Flesh (Beasts of the Earth)
04. When Mother Ate Son
05. Horseaters
06. Inhabitants of the Red Forest
07. Kill All, Burn All, Loot All
08. GodBundy
09. No Living Man is Innocent
Release date for "No Living Man is Innocent" will be March 12th, 2020 through Xtreem Music on CD & 12"LP formats. You can visit NECROPHILIAC's official site here: and listen to the 1st advance single on the following links:
California Tech Death giants ODIOUS MORTEM are now streaming their long-awaited upcoming album, SYNESTHESIA. Hosted by Metal Injection, the stream offers fans an early look at the band's first new album in 13 years.
Listen now at
Synesthesia arrives January 17 on Willowtip Records.
Blabbermouth's description of 2007 sophomore album Cryptic Implosion as "an awe-inspiring slab of accomplished death metal aggression," is even more applicable to Synesthesia. Avoiding the clinical sterility of many modern death metal productions, the band created a sound on Synesthesia that is raw, robust, and infused with an authentic old school spirit.
The time between releases seems only to have hardened the band's resolve to continue creating extreme metal magnificence, as evidenced by Synesthesia.
Track Listing
1. Dormant Retribution
2. Condemnation Foretold
3. Ruins of the Timeworn
4. Replenish the Earth
5. In Abominable Form
6. Eagle's Tower
7. Cave Dweller
8. Spirit Hole
9. Synchronicity
10. Dissonant Theology
Album Credits
Guest guitar solos on “Condemnation Foretold” performed by Cary Geare. 
All music and lyrics written by Odious Mortem. David Siskin (former guitarist) was also a musical contributor to the album.
Recorded at Electric Orange Studios in San Diego, CA. Engineered by Jon Green, mixed and mastered by Richard Houghten.
Artwork by Adam Friedman
Odious Mortem was formed in 2000 by Dan Eggers (guitar, vocals), David Siskin (guitar) and KC Howard (drums). Joel Horner (bass) joined the band in 2004 and they released their debut album Devouring the Prophecy in 2005 on Unique Leader Records. Anthony Trapani became the new lead vocalist in 2005.
After finishing the Bloodletting V Tour, Odious Mortem recorded their second album Cryptic Implosion, released in 2007 on Willowtip Records. Ivan Munguia (bass) also played live with the band that year. New album Synesthesia will be released in 2020.
Dan Eggers - Guitar
KC Howard - Drums / Guitar
Joel Horner - Bass
Anthony Trapani - Vocals
Label : Self-Released
Country: Germany
Genre: Heavy Metal
Steavy: Rythm and Lead Guitars, Drums, Piano, Backing Vocals
The Amazing Mike: Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
S.T.E.E.L.: Lead Vocals
Steavy Metal arised from fire, shaped by the winds and hardened by steel. A true heavy metal warrior and a symbol of power. He fought in glorious battles and rescued beautiful princesses in need. He had everything: Babes, Steel and Muscles. But once he felt a longing for something. He knew something was missing. Something he didn't understand thereby he began adventures and wandered the world.
During a quest, Steavy Metal encountered a mighty mage, The Amazing Mike. They fought a duel where the mage fell into a raging river. Even though The Amazing Mike was his opponent, Steavy rescued him from drowning and saved the mage’s life. The Amazing Mike owed Steavy his life and swore to accompany Steavy until his death and so they were two.
Not much later the two had a mission in a temple to uncover and defeat an evil wizard. As they reached the temple, they were stopped by S.T.E.E.L., a killing machine constructed by the evil wizard. But somehow Steavy turned the machine to the good side and gave him a reason to live his own life. S.T.E.E.L. broke free from the chains of the wizard and joined Steavy Metal.
Over time the connections between Steavy and his companions grew to a strong friendship. At this point Steavy knew what was missing...the warmth of friendship... ...and a fucking great HEAVY METAL band!
The new album "Fear The Steel" is all about heavy metal. It offers power, steel, muscles, emotions and so much more. With this album Steavy Metal wants to show the love and goodness there is around the world in the hearts of people.
Label : Self-Released
Country: Russia
Genre: Post black metal/hardcore
Alexey Slavin - vocals
Alexandr Safronov - guitar
Roman Savenkov - guitar
Pavel Gorshkov - bass
Evgeny Loboda - drums
Over the past few years since 2015 when L'Homme Absurde started as a one-man band it has become one of the best known post black metal acts in Russia. The sound of the band can be described as a fusion of modern black metal vibe with metalcore and catchy melodies. Two albums released since the start, Monsters (2016) and Sleepless (2018), received positive reviews in international press and the critics themselves pointed out band's own style.
Now L'Homme Absurde is ready to present their third full length album Belong, which continues band's artistic journey towards more emotional side of the genre.
Heavy metal/thrash metal legends ANNIHILATOR today debut the shredding new lyric video for “Dressed Up For Evil”. The band’s latest single, from the band’s seventeenth studio album, BALLISTIC, SADISTIC, is set for release January 24th via Silver Lining Music. 
Founding guitarist, vocalist, producer, and principal songwriter Jeff Waters of the track, “Evil in the guise of a man; that's how I would describe the theme in this one. People who have no good in them. Destroying all in their way with abuse, lies, and negativity. Generally, just being a nasty human being and ruining lives in the name of money; thinking that it makes them special. It just makes them evil and a waste of life. Musically-speaking, this one is as old-school ANNIHILATOR metal as it gets. It's obvious that the vibe in this tune reminds us of the early days of the band; even extending back to the demo days from ‘84-‘88. A highlight for me in this song is the legendary voice of Raven's John Gallagher on backing vocals with Durham's Kat Shevil Gillham (Winds Of Genocide). An honor to have John on this record and his voice helps make this song a killer. Oh, and lots of shred guitar, as some have been demanding for a while! We hope you like this one... we do!"
View ANNIHILATOR’s “Dressed Up For Evil” video at
Find the band’s previously released videos for “I Am Warfare”, “Psycho Ward” and “Armed To The Teeth”
Produced, engineered, and mixed by Waters, Ballistic, Sadistic was recorded at the brand new, state-of-the-art Watersound Studios UK in Durham earlier this year with additional engineering and editing by bassist Rich Hinks and mastering by Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More, Halford) at Maor Appelbaum Mastering in California.
Ballistic, Sadistic will be available in limited-edition digipak, vinyl, and digital formats January 24th, 2020 via Silver Lining Music.
A name needing no introduction in the metal world, ANNIHILATOR was forged in Canada in late 1984. Since then, the band has been touring and releasing records, selling millions of albums to date, nonstop, for over thirty years. Cited by bands like Megadeth, Pantera, Dream Theater, Children Of Bodom, Lamb Of God, Opeth, Trivium, and so many more as having influence on their music, Jeff Waters and ANNIHILATOR have continued to tour the world, year after year, whilst consistently putting out high-quality true-metal music. It takes time, patience, and perseverance to reach legendary status, and no one can dispute that ANNIHILATOR are inspirations, teachers, legends, and a force demonstrating what hard work and love of your craft can bring to the world. 
Jeff Waters – vocals, guitar
Rich Hinks – bass
Aaron Homma – guitar
Fabio Alessandrini – drums
Label :
Blood and Brutality Records
Country: USA
Genre: Death Metal
Arant: Drums, Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Blood and Brutality, as the name suggests, spits violence and attacks the listener with a raw energy, blast beats, powerful riffs and primal growls that will crush your lungs with acid air! 
The way a death metal album should sound like!
Italian death metallers CHRONICLES OF HATE have unleashed their music video for the title track and first single off their upcoming debut album "THE BIRTH OF HATE" due out February 28th via EXTREME METAL MUSIC.
The music video can be viewed at this link:
Formed in 2016 by guitar players Riccardo D’Angelo and Roberto Simonetti, CHRONICLES OF HATE was raised from the depths of hell with the clear purpose of blending the solid impact of traditional death metal with grooving vibes. Their lyrics are inspired by real events that feed the anger and strong emotions that occur in our daily lives. Influenced by the old school pioneers of the genre such as At The Gates, In Flames, Death, their debut "The Birth of Hate" is a personal interpretation of the tendencies from both old and modern metal.
The band adds about the full length and single:
"The title track off the album, 'The Birth of Hate' is inspired by Swedish death metal. It talks about the effects of a catastrophic event and politic corruption. When human values are forgotten, hate takes place. The album itself is our first creation and is the beginning of our adventure. It's a journey through the facets of the anger and motivations that feed it. This album talks about strong emotions and the breaking point from which you cannot go back. We mix different elements of metal for this release, you will find breakdowns, and you will find fast death metal riffs along with intentional melodic parts to give it our own personal sound."
Album pre-order for "The Birth Of Hate" available at
Track Listing:
1. Deadly World (1:15)
2. Devastation... Rise!! (3:46)
3. The Better Way (4:33)
4. Bet On Tragedy (3:19)
5. The Beast Within (3:50)
6. My Obsession (3:51)
7. Hope Kills (3:52)
8. The Birth of Hate (3:49)
9. Away From Reality (3:27)
Francesco Macchi - Vocals
Riccardo D’Angelo - Guitar
Roberto Simonetti - Guitar
Mirko Pinoli - Bass
Drums on the album by Antonio Inserillo
Venerated black metal specialists DARK FORTRESS return with a new album, “SPECTRES FROM THE OLD WORLD”, on February 28th, 2020. Check out “Isa”, the second song taken from the album here:
Guitarist V. Santura about the track: “We are proud to present ‘Isa’, a monolithic song inspired by Arctic Icescapes. The first single we released on December 20th, ‘Pulling at Threads’, is definitely one of the fastest and shortest songs taken from ‘Spectres from the Old World’. With ‘Isa’ we are putting out a different, opposite aspect: ‘Isa’ is the longest track on the album and probably also one of the heaviest and most epic songs in our discography thus far.”
Morean (vocals) elaborates: “Ice is traditionally associated with death and stasis, and little else. Geologically speaking, this is far from the truth. Sure, nothing but a few hardy snow algae and the odd freak insect can live on ice directly. But if it wasn’t for glaciation, we would have neither the awesome jagged spires of our beloved mountains, nor the fertile ground supporting life at their feet. When ice melts, it creates the rivers that sustain us; when it freezes, it serves as a shield for the planet against overheating. If it wasn’t for the conveyor belt of the Antarctic ice cap scraping nutrients from the virginal soil underneath it into the oceans, tropical waters wouldn’t be able to sustain their enormous biomass. And, en passant so to speak, the grinding, ever-shifting blankets of ice create the most beautiful artworks ever seen - be it the natural cathedrals of hexagonal basalt created by subglacial volcanic eruptions, the mind-boggling sculptural richness of calved icebergs, or the multi-colored interplay of light in transient ice caves; all that without any involvement of humans whatsoever. To an artist, this is at the same time a humbling and elating realization.”
After a six-year gap, Germany’s darkest sons continue where “Venereal Dawn” (2014) left off conceptually, Morean (vocals) explains: “Together with the rest of the human race, the protagonist reincarnated as a disembodied creature of pure light in ‘On Fever’s Wings’, the last song of ‘Venereal Dawn’. The new album attempts to draw a picture of such a mind’s perspective on life - reincarnating as pure, massless energy. The narrator has become the fabric of the universe itself. This is where heavy physics and string theory come in.”
“Spectres from the Old World” is more direct, more aggressive than its predecessors. At no time in DARK FORTRESS’ history have they reached so far out into the darkness, only to find the domine of astronomy non-existent, the end merely an end. Recorded, engineered, mixed, and mastered by V. Santura at Woodshed Studios throughout 2019, “Spectres from the Old World” marks an important milestone in DARK FORTRESS’ journey along actual and spiritual left-hand paths.
Glimpse into the endless black of the universe on “Spectres from the Old World”, which is available in the following formats:
Ltd. CD Mediabook (outside of North America)
CD Digipak (North America)
Gatefold black 2LP
100x Gatefold transparent blue 2LP - via the CM Distro Onlineshop
200x Gatefold transparent petrol green 2LP - via CM Distro
200x Gatefold transparent magenta 2LP - via EMP and Nuclear Blast
Digital Album
First preorders are already online:
DARK FORTRESS have confirmed the following shows a month after “Spectres from the Old World” is released:
26.03.20 (DE) Munich – Feierwerk
27.03.20 (CH) Wetzikon – Hall Of Fame 
28.03.20 (DE) Bochum – Matrix
29.03.20 (NL) Rotterdam – Baroeg
Morean comments: “To celebrate the release of our eighth studio album ‘Spectres from the Old World’, we are happy to announce a handful of release shows next spring in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. More dates later in the year to come. Hope to see you there!”
The following festivals are announced as well:
11.04.20 (NO) Oslo - Inferno Festival
24.05.20 (USA) Baltimore - Maryland Deathfest
27/28.06.20 (USA) Los Angeles - California Deathfest
23.07.20 (SK) Drevenice Reviste - Gothoom Festival
28.07.20 (SVN) Tolmin – Metaldays
V. Santura - guitars
Phenex - keys
Seraph - drums
Morean - vocals
Asvargr - guitars
Label :
RTM Productions
Country: Germany
Genre: Death Metal Grindcore
Line up:
Andreas Rieger
Macabre Demise was founded in 2007, initially as a project. After the first demo and the split CD, the idea of the first live performance came in 2010. Influenced by role models such as Putrid Pile and Viral Load, this one man death grind carnage is back with his third full-length, following two full-lengths and two EPs.
Melodic Death Metal / Neoclassical Metal
Country: Russia
Record Label: Metal Carnival Records
Release Date: February 7th, 2020
Recorded at Tremors Sound Studio, vocals recorded at SoundMark Studio
Mixed and Mastered by Roman Nemtsev at Tremors Sound Studio
Arranged by Roman Nemtsev and Marina Nemtseva
Music: Marina Nemtseva, Roman Nemtsev
Lyrics: Roman Nemtsev
Cover Artwork by Marina Nemtseva
Released via Metal Carnival Records
Dutch thrash metallers HALLOWED FIRE have released a lyric video for the title-track of their upcoming second EP “PILLARS OF LIES”, set to be released on January 24th 2020. This follow-up from their debut EP “Decade of Darkness” features four brand new tracks and a bonus live track for “Hatchet”, recorded live in Amsterdam.
Watch here "Pillars of Lies":
The EP has a modern “in your face” sound without losing the old school thrash bite. This sound was possible thanks to the incredible mix by Mendel bij de Leij (ex-Aborted guitarist).  
Every instrument has the opportunity to shine with the guitars delivering fast riffs and melodic solos, while tight drums drive the songs. The bass cuts nicely through the mix and last but not least diversed vocals ranging from low growls to high pitched screams including some cleaner vocals too. 
A release show is planned at P3 in Purmerend (The Netherlands) on the EP’s release date (January 24th 2020) together with Distillator and Degenerate.
WKN 58 CD -out February 1st 2o2o
Another collabroation between thosetwo weirdo bands......not the usual dance music – only for experienced listeners.Music for tripping.....
Distributed via Plastic Head Distribution.

 NEWS 12.1 2020

Die Zeit ,in der man nun nur auf der “faulen Haut” gelegen hat ist nun endgültig vorbei .Jetzt heißt es ,mit voller neuer Energie durchstarten ,um den alltäglichen „Wahnsinn“ zu bewältigen .Natürlich waren wir enorm fleißig ,was das Layout der nächsten Printausgabe betrifft .Logisch ,schließlich sollt ihr dann die nächste Ausgabe unserer „kleinen Klolektüre“ spätestens Ende Februar in den Händen halten können . Neues Material für Eure Ohren gab und gibt es aber immer noch so einiges zu sichten , so dass wir uns doch auch wieder die Nächte um die Ohren geschlagen haben und Euch heute mal wieder nen fetten Batzen an metallischer Kost anbieten können .
In Sachen aktueller Veröffentlichungen ,Neuigkeiten und Terminen könnt ihr Euch auch weiterhin hier bei uns auf der Seite oder unter auf dem Laufenden halten .
Aktuelle Reviews :
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Folter Records
Vertrieb: Alive
VÖ: 13.12.2019
Die Geschichte von HALPHAS beginnt im Jahre 2014. Seinerzeit gründeten Tempestas (Drums, NOCTURNAL / CROSS VAULT), Thurstan (Guit.), Forcas (Bass) und Legatus (Vocals) die Band und begannen sofort mit den Arbeiten an ersten Songs. Im folgenden Jahr war es dann soweit und die erste Drei-Track-Demo entstand. Im Jahr 2016 stieß Avnas zur Band und komplettierte das Line-Up. Mit voller Stärke lag der Fokus fortan auf den Songs für das Debütalbum „Dawn of a Crimson Empire“, das im Winter 2017 via Folter Records erschienen ist.
 Der kompromisslose Black Metal, den HALPHAS offerierten erstaunte Fans und Szenepresse. Lobende Worte sind dennoch kein Grund für die Band, innezuhalten. Stattdessen spielen sie in den folgenden Monaten einige Shows, unter anderem auf dem Under The Black Sun Open Air 2018 und waren nebenbei mit den Arbeiten am Nachfolger beschäftigt. Zwei Jahre nach dem Debütalbum wird nun "The Infernal Path Into Oblivion"erscheinen und den eingeschlagenen Weg fortführen. Das bedeutet: Originalen Black Metal, der sich fernab von genrefremden Einflüssen in der Finsternis bewegt. Getragen von epischen Melodien, eingängigen Midtempo-Passagen und wüsten, aber sehr facettenreichen Vocals, wird auch dieses Werk die Flamme des Black Metals weiter züngeln lassen. Ihren hochgelobten Sound haben sie auf "The Infernal Path Into Oblivion" einmal mehr verfeinert und zeigen sich im Jahre 2019 noch angriffslustiger, stärker und facettenreicher den je, ohne dass sich Liebhaber auch unliebsame Vorsilben wie Progressive-, Post- oder dergleichen einstellen müssten.
MYSTIC PROPHECY haben Video zum Track “Dracula” veröffentlicht . Der Track stammt vom kommenden Album "METAL DIVISION", das am 10.01. erscheint. Das Video könnt ihr hier sehen:
Erhältlich als Digipak CD, Vinyl (schwarz), auf 100 Stück limitiertes buntes Vinyl (blau/weiss, transparent grün, silber) und als Boxset (limitiert auf 500 Stück).
Das Boxset enthält: Digipak CD, Beanie, Lanyard, Autogrammkarte, ROAR Music CD Compilation.
Nach 20 Jahren Bandhistory und zehn Studioalben haben MYSTIC PROPHECY jetzt endlich bei ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records ihren Platz gefunden. Und diese längst fällige Verbindung geht direkt in die Vollen. Nach dem Erfolg ihres letzten Albums "Monuments Uncovered" kehrt eine der besten deutschen Metal-Maschinen mit einem wahren Meisterwerk zurück, das nur so strotzt vor massiven Riffs, hymnischen Hooks und großartigen Melodien. "Metal Division" ist definitiv das härteste, punktgenaueste und beste Album der Band und wird MYSTIC PROPHECY einen weiteren großen Schritt auf dem Weg in den Heavy-Metal-Olymp voranbringen. Das erste Highlight für 2020 heißt "Metal Division"!
Diese Woche startet die “THE METAL DIVISION” Release Tour. Als Special Guest sind MOB RULES dabei.
Roberto Dimitri Liapakis - Vocals
Markus Pohl – Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Evan K – Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Joey Roxx – Bass
Hanno Kerstan – Drums
Die deutschen Black Metaller DRUDENSANG haben beim Berliner Szene-Label Folter Records eine neue Heimat gefunden. Details zu einer ersten Veröffentlichung gibt es noch nicht, aber weitere Informationen sollen zeitnah folgen. Das offizielle Statement:
Following winter solstice, the twelve nights closing and the wild hunt disappearing, once again a new cycle has begun. During the last of these magical nights an unholy alliance was forged: DRUDENSANG and Folter Records will henceforth join forces to further spread otherworldly words!
Hailing from ancient woods and mountains of the Bavarian forest, DRUDENSANG evoke the powers of Perchta, Krampus and the nightside in the spirit of the hunter with their unearthly creations.
A new outburst of Bavarian witchcraft is approaching!
DEBEMUR MORTI PRODUCTIONS freuen sich, die britischen Progressive-Black/Doom-Metaller LYCHGATE ihrem Label-Roster hinzufügen zu dürfen und kündigen die Veröffentlichung von "ALSO SPRACH FUTURA" an.
"Also sprach Futura" wurde von Greg Chandler (Esoteric) in den Priory Recording Studios (Esoteric, Fen...) aufgenommen.
Greg singt auch auf dem Album.
Das gesamte Artwork stammt von Khaos Diktator Design.
"Also sprach Futura" erscheint am 13. März 2020 als Digipak-CD und auf allen digitalen Plattformen.
 Haltet auch Augen und Ohren für Audio-Premieren und weitere News offen!
1. Incarnate
2. Progeny of the Singularity
3. Simulacrum
4. Vanity Ablaze
LYCHGATE präsentieren mit dem ominös und dennoch passend betitelten "Also sprach Futura" eine weitere Avantgarde-Metal-Perle.
Diese Band beherrscht die hohe Kunst, Hörerlebnisse auf immensem Niveau zu kreieren, ohne sich hinter bedeutungsschwangerer, schaumschlägerischer Selbstverliebtheit zu verschanzen.
Traumwandlerisch sicher treffen in einer ständigen Stil-Evolution progressiver Death Metal, Funeral-Doom-Tristesse, forward-thinking Black Metal, eine cineastische Vision und Klassik aufeinander, ergänzen sich, verschmelzen zu einem einmaligen Ganzen, fordern beim Hören immer wieder neu heraus und belohnen schließlich mit einem gesamtkünstlerischen Erlebnis sondergleichen.
J. C. Young “Vortigern” – guitars, organ, mellotron, vocals
Greg Chandler – vocals
T. J. F. Vallely – drums
A. K. Webb – bass
S. D. Lindsley – guitar
Label : American Line Prods.
Country: Mexico/USA
Genre: Black Metal
Line up:
Daemon: Vocals/Guitar
Fabian: Lead Guitar
Wayo ov Blood: Drums
Throne ov Blood is a Mexican/American band which was founded in 2004. TOVB music is raw and violent in all the possible ways, always focusing in the dark side of humans.
Influenced by bands such as Immortal, Mayhem, Inquisition and the chaos and corruption one cand find in this rotten world, Throne ov Blood sounds as if they were summoned by their demons to feed the metal scene with their own blood and flesh, light and darkness, and depressive and suicidal thoughts.
Label: RTM Productions
Country: Germany
Genre: Death Metal Grindcore
Line up:
Andreas Rieger
Macabre Demise was founded in 2007, initially as a project. After the first demo and the split CD, the idea of the first live performance came in 2010. Influenced by role models such as Putrid Pile and Viral Load, this one man death grind carnage is back with his third full-length, following two full-lengths and two EPs.
Macabre Demise
Rebirth The Metal Productions:
Musicians with 25-years of experience created an album without limitations in heavy music styles. The result is a ten song record with a multi-faceted sound and uncompromising heaviness. No overdone production needed to proof how powerful an open-minded blend of styles can be. "Songs Of Blood And Liberation" is limitless and furious but catchy at the same time. Every track is somehow special in songwriting and musicianship. You will hear the brutality of classic Death Metal as well as the raging fury of Grindcore. Two fully different sounding lead singers, advanced riffs and atmospheric parts round up the listening experience. This album is delightful for all fans of brutal and raw metal, no matter which angle you approach it from. It is way more, than just another metal record...
"With Gratitude In Red" Single:
It's getting deep, slow and heavy... Germany's NAUTHIK are set to unleash their debut full-length "ARAGANU" through Auric Records on January 24, 2020.
"Araganu" is a slow-moving musical maelstrom of heavy fuzz-guitars, groove and the beautiful melody of negativity; German Funeral Doom with lyrics inspired by traditional Sardinian Chant „Procurade é moderare“ originally written by Francesco Ignazio Mannu in 1794. A furious anti-feudal statement against oppression, against despotism and egoism
Genre:  Blackened Death Metal
For fans of: Morbid Angel | Lord Belial | Hate | Belphegor
Curt DuRocher - Guitar/Vocals
Ryan Frech - Drums
Derrek Page - Bass/Vocals
Ryan Roubison - Guitar/Vocals
Label: independent release
Release date: january 11th 2020
“This isn’t for your eyes...” - Clive Barker, Hellraiser
There are fleeting moments in every life where subconscious choices are made that determine the path between the cradle and the grave. A half-seen impossibility at the edge of your vision, a flickering ghost of a nightmare in the very corner of your eye that the brain instantly rejects and forgets, or demands you turn to face. Once seen they cannot be unseen, once the threshold is crossed there is no return, once the door is opened it cannot be closed. Every creature from your darkest fantasies, every bit part player in the dreams that leave you shaking with fear crawl into your waking world...and every step you take can plunge you into their screaming hells. Pain, horror, magic and madness are forever just a single step away...
“We have such sights to show you...” - Clive Barker, Hellraiser
The sound of Deadspawn has been fermented in a cauldron of vile visions and exquisite torture. Each song is a story from beyond the doorway to the hidden world, an invitation to step beyond the limits of flesh. Intricate, deathly riffs twist their way through deep, winding passageways of utter darkness, as howling solos sing above the surging mass of unspeakable power. The overwhelming tumult of sorcerous creations like ‘The Plague Within’ will haunt the chambers of your mind, laying traps within your dreams. The slithering melodies of ‘From Ruins’ beckon you ever further into an inescapable maze of twilight shadows. Familiar forms and unexpected trickeries entwine to create something enthralling yet terrifying. Born under the blazing Arizona sun, Deadspawn have drawn upon the essence of ineffable darkness to build this palace of night terrors, this monument to Pestilence Reborn.
“I have left myself on the other side – the world of man slowly fades from memory”
 Deadspawn, Limits Of Flesh
Deadspawn had hinted at their potential, their evil intentions, with the 2015 EP, The Source Of Chaos, but with Pestilence Reborn they have transformed themselves – from minions of darkness to dukes of hell in one staggering stride. Pestilence Reborn will be unveiled on January 11th at a special launch show at Club Red in Mesa, with support from Through The Earth, Thra and Swarm Of Serpents and from there, their plague will spread around the world. Look to the shadows, the forgotten corners of your dreams...Deadspawn are coming.
Blackened death metallers NEXORUM proudly join Non Serviam Records family!
Hailing from Trondheim, Norway, the band consists of members from KEEP OF KALESSIN, KHONSU, CHTON, VECORDIOUS among others.
The highly anticipated debut album will be released in the upcoming months.
The band states: “We are proud to join forces with Non Serviam Records for our debut album, ‘Death Unchained’. After two years of writing and recording our music, this is the natural next step for us. They have shown great interest in our music and we look forward to collaborate further with Ricardo and his crew”.
Ricardo Gelok from Non Serviam Records adds: "The first time I heard of the music of Nexorum, they impressed me. What a massive sound…Wow! Their music is exactly what we like at Non Serviam Records. We offered them directly a deal and wanted to release their debut”.
“Death Unchained” is focused on the more heavy and groovy side of extreme metal, with an essence of black metal. More info will follow soon.
The debut album of Swiss Technic/Melodic Death Metal act ARCAINE, which will be titled "AS LIFE DECAYS", will be released on February 14th via Black Sunset/MDD! 
Recorded in the Blue Wonder studio in Chur/Switzerland, the album features 9 songs that will kick your ass with a relentlessly hard sound.
Focused less on death and the devil and more on current socio-critical themes, the band's debut album was mixed by Vladimir Cochet at the Conatus Studio in Vevey, while Max Morton (Morton Studios, Jinjer, Sacrosanct, among others) is responsible for mastering. Artwork was taken up by Russian artist Xaay and visually implemented on the cover artwork.
A Finnish death metal band BLÅÅDPALT is set to release their debut album SLICED TO PERFECTION on February 28th 2020 by Inverse Records. The band released a brutal and bloody music video from their first single God Of Razorblade.
The band comments:
"We chose ”God of Razorblade” as the single release from our album, because it reflects the band`s music overall. It has rawness and groovy parts, but also a melodic ambiance. The second verse`s vocal parts were replaced by a guitar solo during the mixing stage, which brought more versatility to the track. The makers of the music video did an excellent job creating an atmosphere that suits the single. We are extremely pleased with the music video." 
PRE-SAVE Sliced To Perfection album to your Spotify playlist:
01. Corpse
02.  Eradication
03. God Of Razorblade
04. Firewalker
05. The Final Nail
06. Red Shores
07. Vlad
08. Sliced To Perfection
09. Stay Down
10. The Sculptor
Album cover art by Panu Lyytikäinen
Sami Kärkkäinen – vocals
Tuomas Laurila – guitar
Kimmo Viinamäki – guitar
Harri Finni – bass
Panu Lyytikäinen – drums
CIMINERO is a new Finnish-Italian band hailing from Helsinki, FIN. Combining occult rock influences from the likes of JEX THOTH and BLOOD CEREMONY, they combine them with the gritty doomed dirge of the likes of CATHEDRAL and CANDLEMASS, adding a morbidly delicious dose of Italian mysticism and occultism, to complete their dark yet melodic mixture.
Swiss thrashers COMANIAC will release their brand-new, third record called «HOLODOX» through METALWORLD on April 3rd, 2020.
Produced/mixed by Tommy Vetterli (CORONER), the title-track will be available with immediate effect through and on all major digital platforms:

Label :
Black Doomba Records
Country: USA
Genre: Doom Metal
Line up:
Tommy Stewart
Eric Vogt
Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf began with the solo release of ‘Clef Doom’ (2015) as an experiment in 2 piece minimalism of doom style metal. Enough positive response happened to add Eric Vogt (drums) and perform live. After further positive response the self titled ‘Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf’ was released on Soman Records (2017). Then a 7” vinyl single ‘Shadow in the Well/Lilith Crimson Deep’on Black Doomba Records. There were several short tours of the west and mid-north states and Dennis Reid (Bludy Gyres, Negative Wall) replaced Eric Vogt. Tommy is also known for thrash band Hallows Eve of Metal Blade Records plus is a producer with a studio known as Blue Ogre Noise Lab. Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf live often includes doom Interpretations of classic Hallows Eve.
The 3rd release “Sordid Songs for a Cold Grey Sun” released December 6th, 2019 on Black Doomba Records. The 4th release, that is the 2cd full album, is in production and scheduled to be released in 2020.
Genre: Brutal Slam Death Metal
For fans of: Devourment | Autopsy | Visceral Disgorge | Cephalotripsy
Label: Comatose Music
Release Date: 07 february 2020
Gokucho - Vocals
Suguru - Guitar
Kasahara - Guitar
Takasick - Bass
Metadon - Session Drums
In the twilight world of nuclear winter, where civilisation lies in ruins beneath a sunless, soot-choked sky and ashes drift like snow, the remnants of humanity have been reduced to mindless, feral beasts. Deformed mutants, their bodies ripe with tumours, wracked by the agonies of radiation sickness, their only aspirations to kill, eat and shelter from the eternally chilling cold. The dreams of mankind are forgotten as they crawl back to the caves and a new, brief age of primitivism begins. Ultimately, only perpetual darkness awaits, the winking out of the last light of a proud species, whose inherent savagery is all that keeps their polluted blood pumping for one last meaningless roar against the end.
If our fate is to die frozen in a wasteland of our own making, then it seems that Gorevent, the kings of Japanese slam death, have been peering into their crystal ball. Their album, the band’s first for Comatose Music, captures the sound of total regression. The aptly entitled Fate is stripped of all finesse and artistic conceit; this is pure, ragged and primitive – the sound of humanity come full circle, ending in blood and darkness as we began. The remorseless riffs slowly grind you into submission as the bass and drums deliver reasonless, blunt force trauma to unsuspecting skulls. The vocals are a rumbling, bubbling, animalistic threat and to stare into the eyes of the Gorevent beast is to look into caverns of emptiness. No thought, no feeling, no empathy...just base brutality. The beating only ceases when your heart stops beating.
For fifteen years now Gorevent have lurked in the deepest recesses of the brutal death metal underground, delivering a series of albums, EPs and split releases that have stood as blood splattered monoliths in those shadowed catacombs  - Teeth Of The Divine hailing their 2008 full length, Abnormal Exaggeration, as one of the greatest examples of extreme brutality ever recorded. That though, was before they had heard the single minded savagery of Fate... Fate is driven by relentless hunger and undiluted primal instinct and with the power of Comatose Music behind them, this is where the story of Gorevent really begins. Treasure the trappings of civilisation while you can, because the end is nigh.
Zwolle’s, NL, solitary Black Metal entity OSSAERT has completed its first full-length recording and will unload it upon the masses through Argento Records on February 14th 2020.
Fuelled by hatred and disgust towards everything sacred, “BEDEHUIS” is a superbly written debut that balances an almost theatrical dramatic charge with a malignant atmosphere which permeates through every sound wave of the record.
This 35 minute long sonic journey seamlessly shifts between savage Black Metal predatory aggression and contemplative melodic passages, wall of sound pummelling oppression and a subtle but omnipresent macabre beauty.  
“Bedenhuis” will be available on limited blood/smoke vinyl, black vinyl and digital on February 14th, with more formats following later.
The album's opener, "I", can now be streamed
01. I
02. II
03. III
04. IV
P: Bass, guitars, vocals
W: Drums (session)
Pre order link:
Argento Records
Label : Fighter Records
Country: Spain
Genre: Heavy Metal
Alberto Rodríguez - Vocals
Eduardo Antón - Guitars
Enrique Mas - Guitars
Manuel Molina - Bass
José V. Aldeguer - Drums 
WAR DOGS were formed in Elche (Alicante/Spain) in 2015 and after completing their lineup during the following two years, they released their debut EP in 2018, being able to play alongside bands such as OMEN or ALIEN FORCE. During the first half of 2019, WAR DOGS recorded their debut full-length "Die by My Sword" at the Blackstage Studios in Alicante, being then mixed in Sweden by Olof Wikstand from ENFORCER. The song "The Shark" is a tribute to Mark Sheldon (rip) of MANILLA ROAD and also features the collaboration of the current band's vocalist Bryan Patrick.
"Die by My Sword" is an exceptional album of pure Heavy Metal where US Epic Heavy Metal influences by bands such as MANILLA ROAD, VISIGOTH, OMEN, ETERNAL CHAMPION, are mixed with classic elements of bands like IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST or MERCYFUL FATE.
Ukrainian atmospheric raw black metal entity SVRM issues its mesmerizing 2015 debut demo "7" for the first time ever on 12" vinyl, a release set to glorify and complete one of the most compelling and fascinating debuts the eastern European black metal scene has seen in the latter half of the last decade.
On the blood-chilling debut short player SVRM unravels a glacial swarm of vorticose atmospheres that submerges the listener into a desolate and hypnotic trance. Like a shroud of static draping a skeletal architecture of repetitive and frantic beats, "7" appears like a colorless specter lurking behind a thick phantasmal fog, its silhouette discernible in form but never fully graspable as it melds with its own aura made of an impenetrable mist of static.
Fully developed in its abstract and emaciated form to resemble the most contemplative moments of Paisage d'Iver, Trist, Midnight Odyssey, Xasthur or Striborg, SVRM makes raw simplicity and primitive and irresistible melodies its focal strength, dwelling in a duality of classicism and experimentalism that upholds the most glorifying aspects of atmospheric experimentalism while defying the listener's expectations altogether.
Just as life, hope, light, or reason within are null, such are reference points to grasp and not get sucked into SVRM's storming fog and sink at the bottom its colorless and lifeless abyss.
01. Mir 
02. Отчаяние
03. I
04. Загробное
S. - Everything
12'' comes in a sturdy jacket, beautiful photography art by Kjetil Karlsen with the SVRM logo printed with silver hot foil.
The LP is limited to 200 copies on black vinyl and comes with a hand numbered 350 gr insert!
Release date: 31/1/2020

USA folks, please get your copy through Vigor Deconstruct:
Label :
Self-Released (Distribution: BergStolz Distribution)
Country: Switzerland
Genre: Black Metal
Andy Meyer - 5 & 7 String Basses, Vocals
Matt Wees - Art, Lyrics, Vocals
Totenheer writes history....
More precisely: Totenheer set the novella "The Black Spider" by Jeremias Gotthelf from 1842 to music with 14 songs. The story tells of farmers in slavery in the 13th century in the Emmental. Under the threat of death, the tyrannical bailiff forces them to plant a hundred full-grown beech trees on the castle hill in no time at all. In their distress, they gave the order to the devil. As a reward, the devil desires nothing much, nothing more and nothing less than an unbaptized child.
In a wild and stormy night, the devil fulfills the order. The peasants, however, try to trick him and cheat him out of his wages. But his revenge is terrible: the devil sends them the black spider, a symbol of the plague.
The 74-minute concept album begins with dulcimer sounds that underline the scene as unison. This finally changes the mood ominously. The album offers powerful, brute and dark sounds to a primal human fear. Old legends of the past are transformed into a parable-like narrative about Christian-humanistic ideas of good and evil.
In January 2018 the album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Christoph Brandes at Iguana Studio.
Totenheer was founded in the winter of 2010, by Türst (guitar), Abaddon (drums), Komthur (vocals) and Davill (bass) in Lucerne. The sound of Totenheer is powerful, energetic black metal. The lyrics mainly deal with local legends from Central Switzerland, Bern and Graubünden, war and anti-Christian themes.
In October 2011 we started recording our first album at the Helvete Studio in Lucerne, which was recorded by Stefan Walker and mastered by V.O. Pulver at Little Creek Studio.
In May 2012, Abyss, a young, excellent guitarist, joined Totenheer. In August 2013 the album "Wüetisheer" was released by Bergstolz Records in cooperation with Asgard Hass.
Today, Italian doom metallers DOOMRAISER premiere the "The dark Side of Old Europa" lyric video.
Recently the band premiered the video of the single "Chimera" at doomed & stoned authority Watch it
The new album's first single, "Häxan", is still available at
All tracks hail from DOOMRAISER's highly anticipated new album "THE DARK SIDE OF OLD EUROPA", set for international release on January 24th 2020 via Time To Kill Records.
The official release show is scheduled for January 17th 2020 at Orion Club in Rome, Italy. The band will play the new record in its entirety.
"The Dark Side of Old Europa" was produced by Danilo Silvestri and by the band. Renowned artist Roberto Toderico is responsible for the impressive cover artwork that's now available along with the album's tracklist.
"Exploring Europa’s darkest events, we conceived an obscure sound relying on the Doomraiser ‘heavy drunken doom’ trademarks: heavy metal played at a monolithic pace, where fast and slower, gloomy introspective parts often collide. The final result is very ‘live sounding’, every instrument breathes with vicious abandon while building a tight wall of sound. This time around the songs’ length has also been reduced in order to strengthen their impact and intensity".
01. Passage
02. Chimera
03. The Dark Side of Old Europa
04. Tauroctony (The Secret Cult of Mithras)
05. Terminal Dusk
06. Häxan
07. Continuum Pt. 1 (Suspended in Darkness)
08. Loathsome Explorer Interpolation
Formed in 2004, the Rome-based band have evolved into an instantly recognisable figurehead for those pushing doom metal into crushing new directions. Through the years the band have shared the stage with acts such as Electric Wizard, Reverend Bizarre, The Gates of Slumber and Orange Goblin and have been experimenting and contaminating their music with raw heavy metal, psychedelia and other influences.
Watch for new singles, new tour updates, and more news on other upcoming DOOMRAISER activities to be posted shortly.
Nicola Rossi – Vocals/Synth
Marco Montagna – Guitars
Giuseppe Nantini – Guitars
Andrea Caminiti – Bass
Daniele Amatori – Drums
HEAVY DRUNKEN DOOM – Demo – CD (Self-Released – 2004)
THE OLD MAN TO THE CHILD – Single – 7” (Obscura Release/Ghost Records – 2006)
LORDS OF MERCY – Full-Length – CD (Iron Tyrant – 2006) + 2LP (BloodRock Records – 2007)
BEHIND THE SAME CROSS – Split w/Midryasi- 7” (Iron Tyrant – 2008)
ANNO DOMINI DDVIII – Promo – CD (Self-Released – 2008)
ERASING THE REMEMBRANCE – Full-Length – CD/2LP ( BloodRock Records – 2009)
GUARDIAN OF THE GREAT EYE – Split w/Erthride – 7” (BloodRock Records – 2010)
MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS – Full-Length – CD/LP (BloodRock Records – 2011)
DREAM KILLERS – Split w/Caronte – CD (Lo-Fi Creatures Rec. – 2013/Van Records – 2014) + 12” (BloodRock Records – 2013)
REVERSE (Passaggio Inverso) – Full-Length – CD/LP (BloodRock Records – 2015)
LORDS OF MERCY (10th Year Anniversary) + HEAVY DRUNKEN DOOM – 2CD (BloodRock Records – 2016)

Time To Kill Records