NEWS 30.11 2019

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Folter Records
Vertrieb: Alive
VÖ: 13.12.2019
Die Geschichte von HALPHAS beginnt im Jahre 2014. Seinerzeit gründeten Tempestas (Drums, NOCTURNAL / CROSS VAULT), Thurstan (Guit.), Forcas (Bass) und Legatus (Vocals) die Band und begannen sofort mit den Arbeiten an ersten Songs. Im folgenden Jahr war es dann soweit und die erste Drei-Track-Demo entstand. Im Jahr 2016 stieß Avnas zur Band und komplettierte das Line-Up. Mit voller Stärke lag der Fokus fortan auf den Songs für das Debütalbum „Dawn of a Crimson Empire“, das im Winter 2017 via Folter Records erschienen ist.
Der kompromisslose Black Metal, den HALPHAS offerierten erstaunte Fans und Szenepresse. Lobende Worte sind dennoch kein Grund für die Band, innezuhalten. Stattdessen spielen sie in den folgenden Monaten einige Shows, unter anderem auf dem Under The Black Sun Open Air 2018 und waren nebenbei mit den Arbeiten am Nachfolger beschäftigt. Zwei Jahre nach dem Debütalbum wird nun "The Infernal Path Into Oblivion"erscheinen und den eingeschlagenen Weg fortführen. Das bedeutet: Originalen Black Metal, der sich fernab von genrefremden Einflüssen in der Finsternis bewegt. Getragen von epischen Melodien, eingängigen Midtempo-Passagen und wüsten, aber sehr facettenreichen Vocals, wird auch dieses Werk die Flamme des Black Metals weiter züngeln lassen. Ihren hochgelobten Sound haben sie auf "The Infernal Path Into Oblivion" einmal mehr verfeinert und zeigen sich im Jahre 2019 noch angriffslustiger, stärker und facettenreicher den je, ohne dass sich Liebhaber auch unliebsame Vorsilben wie Progressive-, Post- oder dergleichen einstellen müssten.
INFERNAL ANGELS created a new obscure, complex and extreme album pushing the extreme limits they created with their previous album far off standard Black Metal.
They will release the new album "DEVOURER OF GOD FROM THE VOID" on February 28th, 2020 and the vortex of esoteric sounds is well represented by the fantastic artwork that Nestor Avalos created for the abum cover.
Important point is the crucial contribution offered by great special guests such as Hellhound from Ad Noctem Funeriis/Vajass and Discissus from Necandi Homines
This is "Devourer Of God From The Void" complete tracklist, 11 jewels for a great esoteric spiritual journey:
1. The Light Of Lucifer
2. The Eternal Fire Of Golachab
3. From The Throne Of Thaumiel
4. Those Who Go Forth Into The Empty Place Of God
5. Ancient Serpent Of Chaos
6. Thagirion - Sol Niger (feat. Hellhound)
7. Devourer Of God From The Void
8. The Corrosive One
9. Far From The Light Of God
10. Empress Of Sitra Achra
11. The Foremost Among The Eleven (feat. Discissus)
Expect an obscure album, a Black Metal vortex, a must for all fans of Svartidaudi, Mgla, Aosoth, Inferno.
Label :
Auric Records
Genre: Post Black Metal / Black Metal / Piano
Country: Switzerland
Evangelion - vocals
Steynsberg - all instruments
“La mort” is, as the name suggests, a concept album about death. The songs are sung in the Romansh language and undermine the atmosphere Wacht connects to the place they grew up; the mountains, nature and of course death. Wacht is not a goal-oriented band, neither do they care what “fans” are expecting. Inspiration led them to a Piano/Vocals only album, and this is what they have recorded. Who are we to stand in the way of their visions? This album – even without any Black Metal instruments – contains the very same essence as all their past releases.
XIV DARK CENTURIES veröffentlichen am 28.02.2020 ihr neues Album „WALDVOLK“. Dieses, mit den tiefen Wäldern des Thüringer Waldes verbundene musikalische Werk, beinhaltet 7 neue sowie drei bereits bekannte Lieder der Band in neuem Klanggewand. XIV Dark Centuries, eine der ersten Pagan Metal Bands Deutschlands, ist sich und den Fans gegenüber auch nach mehr als 20 Jahren mit ihrem Stil treu geblieben. Im Mittelpunkt stehen melodische Gitarren, wuchtige Drums, eine unverwechselbare Stimme sowie ausgefeilte Arrangements.
„Waldvolk“ erscheint als Digi-Pack-CD, handnummerierte LP und als Download. Außerdem wird eine limitierte Auflage der CD in einer Spezial Holzbox Edition mit einigen Extras erhältlich sein.
01 Heimwaerts
02 Skogafulka
03 Svava
04 Firratan
05 Atme den Wald
06 Ich bin das Feuer
07 Sunna
08 Julenzeit
09 Runibergun
10 Bragarful
11 Nott
California Tech Death giants ODIOUS MORTEM are now streaming a new track from their long-awaited upcoming album, SYNESTHESIA. The exclusive premiere of "Condemnation Foretold," the album's second single, has been posted at
Listen now at
Synesthesia arrives January 17 on Willowtip Records.
Blabbermouth's description of 2007 sophomore album Cryptic Implosion as "an awe-inspiring slab of accomplished death metal aggression," is even more applicable to Synesthesia. Avoiding the clinical sterility of many modern death metal productions, the band created a sound on Synesthesia that is raw, robust, and infused with an authentic old school spirit.
The time between releases seems only to have hardened the band's resolve to continue creating extreme metal magnificence, as evidenced by Synesthesia.
Track Listing
1. Dormant Retribution
2. Condemnation Foretold
3. Ruins of the Timeworn
4. Replenish the Earth
5. In Abominable Form
6. Eagle's Tower
7. Cave Dweller
8. Spirit Hole
9. Synchronicity
10. Dissonant Theology
Album Credits
Guest guitar solos on “Condemnation Foretold” performed by Cary Geare. 
All music and lyrics written by Odious Mortem. David Siskin (former guitarist) was also a musical contributor to the album.
Recorded at Electric Orange Studios in San Diego, CA. Engineered by Jon Green, mixed and mastered by Richard Houghten.
Artwork by Adam Friedman
Odious Mortem was formed in 2000 by Dan Eggers (guitar, vocals), David Siskin (guitar) and KC Howard (drums). Joel Horner (bass) joined the band in 2004 and they released their debut album Devouring the Prophecy in 2005 on Unique Leader Records. Anthony Trapani became the new lead vocalist in 2005.
After finishing the Bloodletting V Tour, Odious Mortem recorded their second album Cryptic Implosion, released in 2007 on Willowtip Records. Ivan Munguia (bass) also played live with the band that year. New album Synesthesia will be released in 2020.
Dan Eggers - Guitar
KC Howard - Drums / Guitar
Joel Horner - Bass
Anthony Trapani - Vocals
Saint Petersburg (Russia) - TRAGEDY IN HOPE have released new EP SMILE AT DEATH. STREAM it in its entirety below!
Smile At Death (EP Stream)
Purchase Smile At Death
Get ready for TRAGEDY IN HOPE EP Smile At Death. Written and recorded with equal amounts skill and passion entirely by Sasha Giller, Smile At Death is a shot in the arm for not just Black Metal enthusiasts, but for anyone enticed by the heavier, darker side of music.  Giller discusses the story behind and the essence of Smile At Death, as follows:
"Each song of the EP contains a detailed story and an artwork. While most of us enjoy the music itself, it is nearly impossible to understand the full meaning behind it without a story, more than that, sometimes a song can be heard in brand new ways, when a person understands what it is about. Thus, it would be really nice if you find some time to read the lyrics.
The music itself is based on black metal genre. However, the thing is, there was not a goal to follow the sound of the genre, but to convey a certain emotion whether it is rational madness, airy heaviness or just, as I call it, happy sadness. One does not necessarily exclude another.
Also, the album artwork includes almost all important details mentioned in the lyrics. For example, the atmosphere itself and the street is from “Grim Love Story”, the child is an allusion for “young and hopeless madmen” from “Smile At Death”, the crow symbolizes death “which whispers a somnolent spell” from “Pierce The Heavens”. There are lots of details, which I made an effort to explain in songs’ description.
I hope you’ll enjoy this sweet, but short EP, which was made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.
P.S: All the stories are not based on legends, myths, fairy tales etc. All of them are fiction made up in the sick mind of their author."
Track Listing:
Alone In The Woods
Smile At Death
Pierce The Heavens
Grim Love Story
EP Credits:
Written and recorded by Sasha Giller 
Mixing and mastering by Vladimir Lehtinen
Album artwork and logo by Aleh Zielankievič
Artwork for "Alone In The Woods" and "Grim Love Story" by Alexander Moroz
Artwork for "Smile At Death" and "Pierce The Heavens" by Maria Budasova
Origin: Mannheim (Germany)
Genre: Crust Metal
FFO: Wolfbrigade, Skitsystem, Doom, Extreme Noise Terror, Disfear  ...
Ralf – Vocals
Mark – Guitar
Peter – Guitar
Markus – Bass
Alex – Drums
Ever think "Yeah, I love Wolfbrigade but wish they had some blasting occasionally"? Then HELLKNIFE's debut 'Dusk Of Doom' is the release you have been waiting for!
The Mannheim five piece produce that stadium crust sound with the aplomb of scene veterans. Guitars ripping between jangling d-beat riffing, trem picked almost black metal-ish speed sections and the melodic leads that give Crust that truly epic punk feel.
Vocals are the bellowed hoarse throat tearers classic to the style, lent an edge by an extremely clean production and a delivery any wearer of a dred mullet would be proud of.
The drums are intense, again with very polished production nothing is lost from the performance here, pummeling D-beats with some excellent cymbal play swapping to micro-blasting sections through rolling tom fills.
HELLKNIFE capture that epic stadium crust feel perfectly, while incorporating some unique elements, songs like 'Burn It Down' feature a strong bluesy crust'n'roll undertone which keeps the listeners attention.
Where some might tire of a surging tide of D-beat for 30 minutes HELLKNIFE do exactly what is needed to please both purists of the genre and keep the more casual fan entertained throughout.
Label: Black Sunset
Country: Germany
Genre: Black Metal
Recording Line-Up
Heinze - Guitars, Vocals, Bass
Tomasz - Session Drums
Current Line-Up:
Heinze - Guitars, Vocals
Kralle - Bass, Vocals
Drums - Joe
When singer and guitarist Heinze (ex-Debauchery, Temptamentum) recorded "Dawn Of The Beast" together with drummer Tomasz (ex-Belphegor) in 2008, none of the people involved suspected that 11 years would pass before the release of the album. But towards the end of 2019 it's finally time to end this odyssey! After endless problems, Beast Of Damnation will, with the release of their debut full-ength, ascend from the depths of hell.
Beast Of Damnation have always dedicated themselves to the black metal of the early days and that "Old School" feeling is still "Old School" 11 years later. Following the tradition of bands like Venom and Mercyful Fate, as well as the "Second Wave of Black Metal" with bands like Mayhem and Emperor, Beast Of Damnation see themselves as representatives of "Real Satanic Black Metal" in its original sense.
The old recordings were heavily dusted, partly remixed and at the end mastered by none other than Patrick W. Engel (Impending Doom, Purgatory, Heaven Shall Burn) in order to be unleashed with a contemporary sound to mankind in 2019.
Label :
Ancient Mythos Entertainment
Country: US
Genre: Death Metal
Mark Coglan (rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass guitar)
Mara Lisenko (vocals)
João Miguel (lead guitar)
Jonas Schütz (drums)
Condemned to Dream began in the winter of 2017 as a recording project by Mark Coglan (ex-Mythiasin). Realizing the potential of something truly remarkable, Mark enlisted the services of Jonas Schütz (Diësis, Eraserhead, Sapiency) to come in and play drums for the project in the fall of 2018. A demo of the debut album Lunacy and Clarity soon followed, however, Coglan envisioned something much more. Mara Lisenko (MARA, Karmafree and Ocularis Infernum), winner of Best Vocalist at the 2018 Latvian Metal Awards, stepped up to handle the vocals. A lead guitarist was found in João Miguel (Enblood) and the newly filled out band recorded and released Black Emerald Cold, the follow to the first album, Lunacy and Clarity.
Finnish Death Metallers KORPSESOTURI have just inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their next album, whose recording will take place during the first months of 2020 and is set to be released in spring/summer.
 KORPSESOTURI were formed in 2014 by Juha Ahlfors. Their first recording was done in 2016, but never saw daylight, with the self-titled 2017 EP being their first official release. which was followed by a full-length entitled "Malus Corpus", in 2018.
During 2019, the band played live and wrote new material for their sophomore album which will consist in raw old school Death Metal with double bass drumming, killer blast beats and vocals from the grave. In words of the band: "no excuses, no compromises, no clean vocals... if you wanna listen to melodic Death Metal or happy Metal music - Korpsesoturi is not for you!". The new album will be recorded early 2020 and mastering has been agreed already with Zack Ohren (USA), who also mastered the first album.
 We'll give you more details about the new album when the recordings are finished. In the meantime you can visit KORPSESOTURI's Facebook here:  and listen to their first album on the following link:
Chicago (IL) - DISEASED is the pummeling new album from the Windy City's own Death/Crust trio BONES. Stream the beast and revel in it below!
Bones are creating some of the filthiest death metal/crust music ever created. Laden with riffs that will tear your head off, this is easily the band’s finest hour. The album is buzzing with this raw, visceral energy that’s impossible to replicate and is what makes this band stand out from the rest. There’s an innate sense of pulsating groove that is detrimental to your physical well-being and when coupled with the maniacal energy with which the band throws their music at you, it becomes the catalyst for widespread devastation. Diseased is how you want your death metal to sound circa 2019 – raw, crusty and atavistic.
Diseased was released September 20 on Transcending Obscurity Records. Purchase the album at
Track Listing:
Blood, Diarrhea, and Tears 
Mass Graves
Carrion Crows
Stench of the Deceased
No One Matters
Broken Wheel
The Future is Now
Artwork – Matt “Putrid” Carr (UNDERGANG, HOODED MENACE)
Layout and art direction – Francesco Gemelli (MASTER, PAGANIZER)
Bones is:
Jon Necromancer - Bass & Vox
Carcass Chris - Guitar
Apocalyptic Warrior - Drums
Bones members Joe Warlord, Carcass Chris and Jon Necromancer first started playing together back in the 90s when they were all in the Chicago thrash outfit Usurper. After the band's implosion in '07 everyone went their separate ways but stayed active playing and touring in other bands. In '09 Jon and Joe started jamming again and putting a few songs together. By the end of the year Chris was in the fold, and Bones was born. Forever a 3-piece of rock and punk styled metal, Bones plays simple, heavy, dirty and sleazy heavy metal. No overproduction. No multi layered "studio" effects. No attitudes. Bones keep it real and crusty, the way it should be.
After six long years of wait, misanthropic Austrian snuff fetishists VXPXOXAXAXWXAXMXC CROWNED  will be back with a new EP on February 7, 2020 at long last!
Aptly titled “Austrian Dukes of Derangement“, it features three brand new songs, a GRONIBARD cover version and a special “Sing Mit Fritzi” instrumental version of “Gang-Raped Acranius” that will be the basis of a contest for which people are asked to record, post and send the label “vocal versions”, the best of which, chosen by the band itself, will be featured on the next VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC release!
Not only featuring brutal artwork by Matthias AUER for MOTTLA Art (BRAIN DRILL, KRAANIUM, VULVECTOMY…), the EP also features guest vocals by Haruka KAMIYAMA (GOREVENT, MEDIC VOMITING PUS, TRAUMATOMY…) on the song “Against Humans, Against Animals, Against Everything” and a special version of “Gang-Raped Acranius” dubbed “DoG-y Style” for which all vocals are done by the three singers of label-mates DEFECAL OF GERBE, Hervé MOTTE and David and Mickael CHAIGNE, the later two also of SAVAGE ANNIHILATION.
Strictly limited to 500 copies, “Austrian Dukes of Derangement” will come with new T-shirt mocking the “Keep Calm…” meme, reading “Keep Calm and Disembowel Everybody” (band logo on a sleeve, title on the other) with preorders starting Dec.23 at the XENOKORP Store.
Track List
Against Humans, Against Animals, Against Everything
Gastrointestinal Haemorrhage Banger
Gang-Raped Acranius [DoG-y Style]
Va faire la vaisselle [GRONIBARD cover]
Gang-Raped Acranius [Sing Mit Fritzi contest version]
Total Running Time: 12:00
Franz STOCKREITER – Vocals
Werner KNIESEK – Guitars
Wolfgang OTT – Bass [session on tracks 1-3 & 5]
Baltimore (MD) - Tech/Slam giants WORMHOLE will release highly anticipated sophomore album THE WEAKEST AMONG US January 14, 2020 on Lacerated Enemy Records. The band has premiered two tracks, including the official video for "D-S3," from the forthcoming album thus far. Check 'em out below!
"The Weakest Among Us" (Title Track Premiere)
"D-S3" (Official Video)
Prepare yourself for a new generation of Slam and Technical Death Metal!  CYBERNETIC TECH SLAMMING ANOMALOUS
Pre-Order The Weakest Among Us:
Track List
1. The Weakest Among Us
2. rA9/Myth
3. D-S3
4. Wave Quake Generator Plasma Artillery Cannon
5. The Gas System
6. Ultrafrigid
7. Quad MB
8. Ingswarm
Since its formation in 2015 in Baltimore, MD, Wormhole has been spearheading the tech slam movement, introducing strong melodies, technical prowess, and virtuosity to hard-hitting brutal death metal. In October 2015, guitarists Sanil Kumar and Sanjay Kumar were joined by vocalists Duncan Bentley of Vulvodynia and Calum Forrest of Engorging the Autopsy, and one year later the band released their aptly-titled debut album Genesis on Lacerated Enemy Records.
With influences drawn from Necrophagist, Abominable Putridity, and Beyond Creation, the band has been described as “monumental” and“monstrous," with “ferocious slams” that “bludgeon listeners senseless." In July 2017, they were joined by drummer Matt Tillett, and in December, Wormhole made their incendiary live debut. In 2018, Wormhole partnered with Vulvodynia on a tour of Europe and Cognitive in Canada.
In 2019 joined the infamous yearly Tech Trek tour with death metal giants Archspire, Inferi, and Virvum to bring their special brand of technical death metal to the States. Now featuring seasoned bassist Basil Chiasson and the enthralling Ansh Goswami of NoiSays on vocals, and with a live line-up secured and a new album, Wormhole is bridging the gap between brutality and virtuosity and pushing the boundaries of what a death metal band can be.
Label : Self-Released
Country: Finland
Genre: Thrash Metal
Ilkka Sepponen - Bass and Vocals
Joonas Kiviniemi - Guitars
Carlos Correa - Guitars
Tomi Louhesto - Drums
MY FUNERAL is a four piece crossover thrash metal outfit from Helsinki, although originally from Jyväskylä, Finland. My Funeral represents the new, more extreme, wave of thrash metal, where old school thrash elements blend with crossover, hardcore and groove metal. My Funeral has released three full-length albums, two EP’s and toured Finland and Europe extensively.
In 2019 My Funeral reached the finals of the Finnish band contest ”Tuska-Torstai”, and received rave reviews from thrash legends Janne Joutsenniemi (Stone, Suburban Tribe), Janne Hyrkäs (Mokoma) as well as Laura Vähähyyppä, program host at the Finnish radio channel ”Radio Rock” and Tuska Metal Festival organizer Jouni Markkanen.
Last May My Funeral entered the studio and recorded their new EP, named ”Graveblaster”. Graveblaster represents My Funeral’s new sound, with dark, heavy riffs and crushing, versatile sounds. Thematically the EP deals with secluded paths in life and darker sides of the mind, taking influence from bands such as Hatebreed, Pantera and Motörhead.
Label : Self-Released
Country: Germany
Genre: Thrash Metal
Bergi - Vocals
Bini - Guitar
Damian - Guitar
Sven - Bass
Patrick - Drums
Stealth Bomber's humble goal was to release a small record so their audience could listen to them when not at their shows. Now, with "First Striker From Above", the band has accomplished their dream.
Growing and evolving as they kept playing together, Stealth Bomber were working to solidify their regional fanbase but now they're trying to reach a global audience and see what happens. On "First Striker From Above" you'll be able to find musical references from old-school acts within the heavy, death and thrash metal scenes.
RICTUS celebrates the one year anniversary of their debut LP "LEPROTIC MASS" with a new music video for their track, "VIII. Defleshed" via Pale Noise Media. Following the release of their "V. Dorian - OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO", the band strays away from emphasized character work and aims to celebrate and focus on some of their favorite performances on the LP. Using custom staging, outdoor videography, independent production, and a further exploration of the bands inclusion of visual media in their releases (fabricated by Matt Wees and photography direction/post production by Andy Meyer), the band is proud to be releasing another video in support of Leprotic Mass.
Future plans for Rictus include continuing work on a follow up LP to begin production in mid 2020. Rictus thanks their close friends and families for their continued support of the LP, and those who contributed time/effort into creating both the V. Dorian and VIII. Defleshed music videos.
SUIDAKRA have published a new video for the track "Morrigan", which is part of the band's anniversary album "ECHOES OF YORE". The video was recorded in Hamburg with director and producer David Thehlen. The video, which deals with the Celtic goddess of war Morrigan, is together with "Balor" probably the darkest video in the band's history. 
Singer and guitarist Arkadius Antonik is very enthusiastic about it: "Katinka Melancholia has created an incredibly good costume and mask for us and we had two actors for the story on set in addition to the band recordings. Jana has answered our call on Facebook. We decided to have her because her charisma was perfect for the role of Morrigan. Both actors mastered their performance fantastically!"
Morrigan can now be watched on the MDD YouTube Channel:
Mythical finnish death metallers NECROPSY have just finished recording their new work in the form of a 4-song EP that will be entitled "EXITUS". The band has just revealed the new release details, which will be released next 21st of January 2020 through Xtreem Music in CD format.
In the meantime, the band has released the first single advance. Stream the single "Butcherado" at this location:
Formed in 1987, NECROPSY is one of the most legendary finnish death metal bands, with numerous demos in the 80's-90's, as well as two albums and an EP, of which "Psychopath Next Door" EP (2013 ) and "Buried in the Woods" (2015) were released by Xtreem Music.
This first single advance shows the classic style of NECROPSY, a hard and overwhelming death metal sound with catchy riffs in the vein of finnish bands such as FUNEBRE, PURTENANCE, CONVULSE, ABHORRENCE, DEPRAVITY... although the other three songs mean a remarkable change of style in the band, which for this EP have decided to try slower sounds entering purely doom realms that you can check in their next single by mid December.
Tracklist :
1. Meat Ceremony
2. Fucking Dead
3. 206 Motives
4. Butcherado
Label : Self-Released
Country: Germany
Genre: Death Metal
Kai [Drums](2014-)
Thorsten [Bass Guitar](2014-)
Kevin [Guitar, Vocals](2014-)Hailing from Frankfurt am Main, in Germany. It was founded in 2014 by Kai, Thorsten and Kevin. Magefa plays death metal with influences from bands like Carcass, Obituary, Death and Triptykon. The word ’Magefa’ comes from Hebrew, meaning "Epidemic" or "Plague" that has spread across a large region (i.e: The ‘Black Death’ , or as the band says 'Religion').
In the band's debut EP "New Era of Darkness", you'll find influences of classic death metal bands like Carcass, Obituary and other bands as well, such asTriptykon, Behemoth, etc.
A hidden jewel in the old South East Asian scene. Though a distant geographical location from the peninsular, Sarawak in the East Malaysia already made a significant contribution to the development of extreme Metal local underground scene in the early 90’s. Their scene had witnessed and spawned talented various forms of sub-genres local scene has ever known! Among one of young talents was Unitheism. Their debut and only demo is considered by many local scenesters as their best material! To honor their legacy, Afterlife Productions is proudly reissuing the demo on professional CD format (with bonus tracks). Like most of our past local bands’ releases, it’s presented with the most dedicated historic artifacts design. The inlay contains original cover artwork (in full), forewords, old interview, biography, color photos and finally demo lyrics! Additionally tracks from EP 2000 were included as bonus tracks with intention both demo and EP recordings are no longer lost to obscurity! The result is taking the listeners back to an era where the extreme underground scene existed not just a part of music sub-genre, but influenced their attitude and culture in the 90’s!
Order here:
(Very cheap wholesale prices available for labels. Sorry no trade, we’re not doing distro.)  Wan Syamsul
Dark Essence Records have today revealed a new single from "THIN THE VEIL", the upcoming sixth full-length album from TOTAL OCCULTIC MECHANICAL BLASPHEMERS T.O.M.B, along with a video to accompany the track, which is titled "Pestilence".
The video for "Pestilence" by the Ukranian underground visual video artist 028HATE, is directed by James P. Gannon,  and can be seen at
The single itself, which features MAYHEM's legendary drummer Hellhammer, along with Norwegian musician Andy Winter, from the band WINDS, on bass, can be streamed or downloaded at the following: 
Formed in 1998 and drawing their initial inspiration from bands such as ABRUPTUM, HAVOHEJ, SAMAEL and SUNNO))), T.O.M.B's lineup of  No-One, B. Zimimay, Tyler B and Samantha Viola have skilfully crafted their own avant-garde style, which is characterised by an eclectic mix of Ambient, Doom, Industrial, Noise and traditional Black Metal. 
Dealing with subject matters such as death, paranormal activity and occult practicesn T.O.M.B have used their trademark sound, which is both horrific, and, at the same time, hypnotically spell-binding,to devastating effect on "Thin The Veil",demonstrating why the band is considered to beone of the top innovators of modern day Black Metal.
"Thin The Veil" is mastered by Tore Stjerna of the Necromorbus Studios in Sweden and features collaborations with musicians such the afore-mentioned Hellhammer on drums and Andy Winter on bass, as well  as  Craig Smilowski  (Ex-IMMOLATION) and  Duncan McLaren of VENOM WOLF, along with spoken necromancy spells recited by Maurice De Jong ("Mories" of GNAW THEIR TONGUES).  
With artwork by the underground occult artist Paul Barton, tracklisting for "Thin The Veil" is as follows:
No Return
Where the Wretched Lurk
Thin the Veil
Decapitation of the Gods
Lunar Reckoning
Escape from Phlegethon
License to Depart
Pure Noise Necromancy
"Thin The Veil"   is set for release on the 24th January and will be available CD, Digital and Vinyl editions, and is now available to pre-order from the following:
Dark Essence Records Website:
Dark Essence Records US Website: 
T.O.M.B will hit the road during January and February 2020, supporting MORTIIS on his North American tour.  Routing as follows:
24 Jan: The Whiskey Junction, Minneapolis (MN)
25 Jan: Reggies, Chicago (IL)
26 Jan: Civic Music Hall, Toledo (OH)
27 Jan: The Masquerade (Purgatory), Atlanta (GA)
28 Jan: The Orpheum, Tampa (FL)
30 Jan: White Oak Music Hall, Houston (TX)
31 Jan: Come and Take it Live!, Austin (TX)
01 Feb: Gas Monkey Bar & Grill, Dallas (TX)
02 Feb: The Riot Room, Kansas City (MO)
03 Feb: Oriental Theatre, Denver (CO)
05 Feb: Club Red, Meza (AZ)
06 Feb: Brick by brick, San Diego (CA)
07 Feb: Catch One (Underground), Los Angeles (CA)
08 Feb: DNA Lounge, San Francisco (CA)
More information aboutT.O.M.B can be found on the band's Facebook page at
Italian worshippers of swedish 1990's death metal DAEMONIAC have just released a lyric video for the track "Dwellers of Apocalypse" as a second advance single from their new album "DWELLERS OF APOCALYPSE", scheduled for next 19th of December through Xtreem Music on CD format.
DAEMONIAC returns with their sophomore album "Dwellers of Apocalypse", which just like all their previous works, has also been recorded in Sweden by the famous producer Tomas Skogsberg at his own mythical Sunlight Studios, capturing the authentic essence of the darkest, heaviest and brutal Swedish Death Metal of the early 90's. And also, again, the cover has been made by the iconic artist Chris Moyen.
1. The March of Apocalypse
2. Rebellion
3. Council of Evil
4. Dwellers of Apocalypse
5. Human Relic (Gorement cover)
6. The Beginning of Chaos
7. Disciples of the Black Arts
8. The Last Call
9. Legions of Death
Label : Tenacity Music
Genre: Indus-Metal
Country: Switzerland
Vocals: Duja
Machines: Solex
Guitar: Drop (Samael, ex-Sybreed)
Guitar: Steph (ex-Sybreed, Furia, Science of Disorder)
Whereas many contemporary groups have by now imploded or crashed into the swamps of boblivion, MXD is celebrating their 7th album "Endurance", after 22 years of good and loyal
service. The band consists of Drop (Samael, ex-Sybreed), Duja, Solex and Steph (ex-Sybreed, Furia, Science of Disorder).
But one could also say good and loyal abuse, such is this "Endurance" twisted, bewildering, startling and sometimes tormented. Nevertheless endowed with that grim elegance and mmultifaceted creativity securing for MXD the reputation of remaining totally unique and unclassifiable among groups of today.
Meandering through the intricacies of a powerful and rusting organic industrial metal, retro-futuristic electro reminiscences digitalise a dark and rocky poetry, playing by ear through convolutions of a nebulous state of limbo of blues, stoner, punk, pop or rap. A vice-ridden nitroglycerinated and apocalyptic mayhem confirming the mischievous nihilistic moto of this ghost ship : "Nowhere Forever".
Endurance is a state of mind. That of MXD. An Eternal Dying Life Fire.
Bednja have done extremely well for their debut, blending various genres in a way that things remain unpredictable and yet hard-hitting where it needs to be. The result is quite frankly refreshing. Black Metal Daily premiered one of their tracks and had this to say about it -
"a seamless, compelling blend of negative hardcore and modern, bleakly-melodic black metal strains; cleanly produced with a roared multi-throat vocal attack and incorporating everything from introspective post-black ambience to riotous D-beat sections"
Genre - Black Metal/Hardcore/Crust
Release Date - November 29th, 2019
Record Label - Transcending Obscurity Records
For fans of - Gaerea, Calligram, Oathbreaker, Veilburner, Ancst, Plebeian Grandstand, Darkthrone, Mayhem
From Croatia, Bednja are on to something special. Eschewing the stale black metal template, they have taken elements from other genres such as hardcore to concoct an electrifying blend that harnesses the best qualities of each, topped off with an atmospheric touch. The result is not only largely unpredictable but also energetic, with soothing passages interspersing the violently rampaging parts. One word description for Bednja's music would be fascinating but that would hardly sum up the music that is contained on their debut full length. It's an album that you will keep coming back to for more, simply because it's unparalleled in its expression and the way it's stringed together without seeming contrived. Rarely has this blend of black metal and hardcore made this much sense, embracing the atmospheric and spontaneous side of things while being at it too.
Band lineup  
Petar Babić - Drums
Ivan Milković - Bass and vocals
Nikola Šarkanji - Guitar and vocals
Track listing
1. Phantom Parasite Trauma
2. All Is Over
3. Knife Under Throat
4. Cold Wind
5. Primordial Lie
6. Supposed Dead
Thank you very much!  Kunal Choksi  Label owner  Transcending Obscurity Records 
FROZEN WINDS – “Paternal Triumverate” from “NECROMANTIC ARTS”. Based in Limassol, Cyprus, Frozen Winds revolves around Occultism, Mysticism, Spirituality and Left Hand Path thematology, praising and honoring the obscure ancient traditions which have been long forgotten and neglected throughout time.
With their debut full-length album ‘Necromantic Arts’ the band combines distinctively the Black Metal formula with Occult ritual ambience, crushing riffs, hell pounding drums and vocals of ecstatic frenzy.
Watch full album “Necromantic Arts” video here
London, UK based Black Metal group TABLEAU MORT have been joined by vocalist Stefano Bassi as a replacement for previous singer James Andrews, who left the group a few weeks earlier. The band has already started working with Stefano on new material and shows have already been booked for 2020. No current schedules will be affected by this line-up change. In a recent video interview TABLEAU MORT disclosed the new vocalist but also discussed interesting topics related to their recently released debut album, VEIL OF STIGMA. BOOK I MARK OF DELUSION
Veil of Stigma. Book I Mark of Delusion is available as jewel-case CD and digital version here:
George Topor – guitar/keys/backing vocals
Cristian Giurgiu – guitar
George Bratosin – drums/backing vocals
Marek Basista – bass
Stefano Bassi – lead vocals
Tableau Mort
Loud Rage Music
Label : Fastball Music
Philadelphia’s Female Fronted Metal / Hardcore / Punk band The End A.D. was formed in 2014 and has members from some of the filthiest bands to ever plague the city of brotherly love. Ami Friend who is one of the most exciting singers to see live joined The End A.D. on vocals back in May of 2017.
The End A.D. has already pounded out two releases since Ami joined the band: Their 12inch color vinyl EP “The Smell of Despair” via Kill Time Records and their split cassette release “Sermon of Violence” with the all female Thrash band Tormentress from Singapore via Hellforced Records.
After the release of the first new single "Why Won't You Die" and a second one coming up in early october the brand new album "Badlands" will be released through Fastball Music / SOULFOOD on november 29th and this album really pushes all boundaries to the limit in terms of ass-kicking femal fronted punk metal. Starting with the album opener "Addiction" to the final epic "I Wanna Be Alone" the band demonstrates how pure, powerful, dirty and still fresh and exciting punk metal can sound like these days. The excellent production and phantastic artwork done by Daemorph Art fits perfect into the complete package.
Just in the last year The End A.D. has had the privilege of sharing the stage with such great acts as Murphy’s Law, Cro-Mags (Harley Flanagan), Eyehategod, The Accused A.D., Vicious Rumors, Raven, Sulaco, TFD, Mentors etc. Now they are booking more great shows for 2019 along with a European tour for the Spring of 2020. The End A.D. is looking forward to making new friends and fans from around the world.
Label : Selfmadegod Records
Country: Poland
Genre: Death Metal
For Fans Of :  Suffocation, Cryptopsy, Decapitated, Morbid Angel
Tomasz Ko³con - guitars
Krzysztof Saran - drums
Piotr Bajus (Mœcis³aw) - guitars
Kamil Stadnicki - bass 
Hubert Banach - vocals
Poland-based death metal destroyers DEIVOS present the band's annihilating sixth studio full-length "Casus Belli". 8 songs of highest calibre brutal and technical death metal for fans of SUFFOCATION, CRYPTOPSY, DECAPITATED, MORBID ANGEL. The album was recorded at several different locations including Roslyn Studio (DIRA MORTIS, MORT'A'STIGMATA, STILLBORN) and Zed Studio (DECAPITATED, KAT) mixed and mastered at Zed Studio by Tomek Zalewski.
DEIVOS originated in 1997, releasing their first demo, Praised By Generations, in 1999. In 2003, they released the Hostile Blood MCD through Butchery Music, the EP enthusiastically accepted by the underground death community. In 2004, the band started to write new material for their first record which was ultimately recorded in January and February 2006 at the famous Hertz Studio (Decapitated, Vader). The record, entitled Emanation From Below, was released in Poland by Empire Records in November 2006. Thanks to Metal Mind ProductionS, in January 2008 the record was subsequently released in Europe and then in the US in 2008. 
At the end of 2008 the band once again entered Hertz studio to record their second album Gospel Of Maggots, the album gaining the attention of Unique Leader Records who released it in February 2010. Following lineup changes, the band revisited Hertz Studio in February 2011 to record their third full-length effort, Demiurge Of The Void, which was also released by Unique Leader in September 2011.
Following a four-year gap, DEIVOS signed with Selfmadegod Records for the release of their crushing Theodicy album in February 2015. The band's Endemic Divine album followed through Selfmadegod in February 2017, and the band's more rapid recording and releasing schedule now continues in 2019 with the November 2019 release of their sixth album, Casus Belli.
Selfmadegod Records
Label : Self-Released
Genre: Doom Metal
Country: Netherlands
Ben de Graaff (vocals)
Berend Klein Haneveld (guitar)
Chris Harmsen (guitar)
Conrad Stroebel (guitar)
Korijn van Golen (drums)
Pim van Dijk (bass)
Façade is a Dutch doom metal band formed in 2011 by Ben de Graaff (Night of Suicide, Phlebotomized) and Korijn van Golen (Onheil) and released their first EP in 2013. In 2017 they released their self-published, full-length album ‘Loathe’ which was a well received debut, described by Metal Trenches as “An imposing and soul-crushing bit of death doom that evokes plenty of dread and melancholy...” In winter 2019 Façade is releasing a new full-length titled ‘The Eternal Dance’. Written and recorded in the period of 2017 to 2019, the band turns a new page presenting a reinvented sound and taking their compositions into a new direction.
The Eternal Dance is a concept album about cycles. It features the Hindu goddess Kali on the cover, who's role in mythology is that of both a mother goddess as well as a bringer of destruction. The album title was inspired by the idea that our lives, our ideas, and all the things that surround us are just small motions in a larger movement: a never ending dance that is the Universe. One motion ends, but a new one follows up to continue the dance. One life ends, but a new life is born. Each song on the album represents a phase in that cycle, both lyrically as well as musically. It starts heavy and energetic, and gradually moves into a more sluggish, dragging kind of vibe. The fifth song "Moksha"–sanskrit for liberation and freedom–represents the release from this cycle of death and rebirth and features spoken words by the 20th century zen philosopher Alan Watts, taken from a lecture about his thoughts on death.
On Friday, December 6th 2019, BEAST OF DAMNATION new album "DAWN OF THE BEAST" will be released via Black Sunset/MDD. The original songs, recorded 11 years ago, were partly remixed and mastered by Patrick W. Engel.
Beast Of Damnation are now streaming the track "Schlachtgesang", which you can listen at this location:
Recorded in 2008 by singer and guitarist Heinze together with ex-Belphegor drummer Tomasz, "Dawn Of The Beast" features 14 tracks of timeless Old School Black Metal, which is somewhere between the first and the second Black Metal wave in the early nineties.
01. Intro
02. Schlachtgesang
03. Fuck for Satan
04. Brotherslayer
05. Blutzoll
06. Battle Rage
07. Crush Gothic Faggot Scum
08. Black Light Storm
09. Satan Rises
10. Nuklearer Holokaust
11. Crucifucked
12. And Trollish Hordes Swarmed the Lands
Bonus Tracks:
13. Feuer Flammen Rauch Asche (new mix)
14. Hotel California (Eagles Cover)
Label : MDD Records
Genre: Gothic Doom Rock
Country: Germany
Jim Grant - vocals
Nemes Black - guitar, necrobass, organ
Live musicians:
Philipp Klinger - drums
Patrick Schmid - necrobass
Stefan Gassner - guitar
Matthias Burgis - guitar
The sophomore album from dark doom vampire rockers Vampyromorpha "Herzog" will be released on November 29th via MDD Records. 
Recorded and mixed byFabian Schwarz in Brought Dog Studio and mastered by Stefan Gassner, "Herzog" features some special guests musicians. For example, the song "Waiting And Die" was created with musician and goth model Mallory Murdock, while the track "Vampyromadness" is a collaboration with Felix Stass from Crematory. Be prepared!
Malevolent Croatian  WAR-HEAD, are now releasing their long-awaited 4th album "MONUMENTS OF FALLACY" through INFERNÖ Records !
Format: CD/MC/Digital
Release date: November 29th 2019
Genre: Old-school Death-Thrash Metal
Country: Croatia
WAR-HEAD are: 
Dario - Vocals/Bass
Vladimir - Guitars
Piper - Drums
"Monuments Of Fallacy" was recorded between December 2016 and September 2017 at Armageddon Studio, Osijek/Croatia and delivers for sure the most mature band's material to date! Raging merciless mix of Death & Thrash Metal for fans of : Malevolent Creation, Morgoth, Death.."
About "Monuments Of Fallacy" :
Recorded, mixed and mastered at ARMAGEDDON Studio, Osijek, Croatia between December 2016 and September 2017.
Mixing & mastering by WAR-HEAD
All music & lyrics by WAR-HEAD
All artworks by Dejan SLAVULJICA
Track listing :
01 – Overture for Hell’s Orchestra
02 – Creatures from the Depth (Featuring Aleksandra Stamenkovic of Jenner)
03 – My Scars will Speak
04 – Apocalyptic Thunder (Featuring Jérôme Point-Canovas of Loudblast)
05 – Monuments of Fallacy
06 – Kings and Pawns (Featuring Max Mayhem of Evil Invaders)
07 – Hail to the Void (Featuring Arnd Klink of Darkness)
08 – Terror, War, Fear
09 – Detonation (Featuring Andy Gutjahr of Tankard)
10 – Deathrash Armageddon (Bonus Track) 
War-Head is a band from Osijek/Croatia playing Deathrash for Armageddon Millenium (a combination of old school thrash and death metal). Band was formed in 2002 and did its first demo in 2003 and second in 2004, both recorded at Czech Hellsound Studio. After number of gigs, band was ready to record their full length album entitled No Signs of Armageddon, featuring Igor Malecic on vocals. The material was mastered by Colin Davis at Imperial Mastering, USA. After this self released material (available just for ex-YU region), band supported Devastation (USA) for short tour in 2008 and Warbringer on European tour in 2010.
In year 2011 the band released official debut “...still no signs of Armageddon” through Denim and Leather Records from UK. Material was recorded by War-Head members in Armageddon Studio, Osijek and was mastered by Igor “Meister” Malecic at Meisterwerks Production, Zagreb. Album cover features artwork by Joe Petagno (Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Motörhead, Marduk, The Black Dahlia Murder, etc.). In year 2011 band also did a European tour as a supporting act for Eure Erben (ex-Darkness) and played on Rockmaraton Festival, biggest Metal/Rock open air festival in Hungary.
In 2012 band did three European tours with Grave Desecrator, Violator, Nervo Chaos and Minus Blindness, participated on Croatia Wacken Metal Battle, Sarajevo Metal Festival, Metal Fest Croatia, Metal Mania Open Air and Beograd Heavy Metal Festival 2.
In 2013 band did a very successful Brazilian Tour with Tankard,f irst headline tour in southeastern part of Europe with Lothloryen(BRA) and mini european tour with Skeletal Remains.
In 2014 War-Head visitied Brazil again sharing stage with some of the most prominent metal bands in that area such as Headhunter DC, Vulcano and Nervochaos. In 2014 band also released their second full length album for Miner Records under the title Imperum Mundi. Release of the album was followed by two European tours one being headline tour and another with Vulcano and Nifelheim.
After that, the band started working on the new album and recorded it between December 2016 and September 2017 at Armageddon Studio, Osijek/Croatia that is about to be released on french label INFERNO Records - release date being set for November 29th, 2019 ! 
This new album features alot of guests (to name a few : Aleksandra Stamenkovic of JENNER, Jérôme Point-Canovas of LOUDBLAST, Max Mayhem of EVIL INVADERS, Arnd KLINK of DARKNESS, Andu Gutjahr of TANKARD !) and delivers for sure the most mature band's album to date ! 
Available as CD/Cassette & digital.
Demo 2004      
No Signs of Armageddon Full-length 2008      
..Still No Signs of Armageddon Full-length 2011      
Imperium Mundi Full-length 2014      
Monuments of Fallacy Full-length 2019
Band contact:
Infernö Records:

 NEWS 23.11 2019

2019 neigt sich so langsam aber sich dem Ende. Kein Problem, wir freuen uns nämlich riesig zu verkünden, dass wir den Einstieg ins neue Jahr mit einem neuen Album von BURDEN OF LIFE feiern dürfen: 'THE MAKESHIFT CONQUEROR' haben die Regensburger Progressive Metaller ihr viertes Studiowerk betitelt, das am 21.02.2020 (VÖ) bei NOIZGATE Records erscheinen wird.
Bei NOIZGATE Records schmiedet man bereits große Pläne fürs nächste Jahr: Das Bielefelder Indielabel kündigt zum Jahresauftakt 2020 ein neues Studioalbum der Progressive Metaller BURDEN OF LIFE an. 'THE MAKESHIFT CONQUEROR' mit neun neuen Tracks der Regensburger Band soll am 21.02.2020 (VÖ) erscheinen.
Komplexe Arrangements, vertrackte rhythmische Spielereien und progressive Songstrukturen: Musikalische Korsetts sind einfach nichts für BURDEN OF LIFE! 2004 als klassische Melodeath Combo gestartet, haben sich die Regensburger längst zu einer der spannendsten Progressive Metal Bands der deutschen Szene gemausert. BURDEN OF LIFE überzeugen mit ihrem ganz eigenen, innovativen Stil - und sind dabei immer wieder für eine Überraschung gut. Musikalische Grenzen gibt es für die Vier ganz einfach nicht! Dafür ist ihre Neugier viel zu groß.
Nach der Veröffentlichung ihres bis dato letzten Albums 'In Cycles' (2016, NOIZGATE Records) war es ein wenig still um die Band geworden. Doch untätig war das kreative Quartett keineswegs: Bereits im Sommer 2019 hatten BURDEN OF LIFE erneut das Studio geentert. 'THE MAKESHIFT CONQUEROR' heißt das in dieser Zeit entstandene, vierte Studioalbum der Band, das am 21. Februar 2020 (VÖ) bei NOIZGATE Records erscheinen wird.
Auf ihrem neuen Werk präsentieren sich die bayrischen Querdenker einmal mehr ungemein facettenreich. BURDEN OF LIFE liefern auf 'THE MAKESHIFT CONQUEROR' neun unvergleichlich abwechslungsreiche und spannende Songs, die Haken schlagen, mitreißen, knallen und grooven - und dabei ein harmonisches Gesamtwerk bilden, das voller musikalischer Überraschungen steckt.
''THE MAKESHIFT CONQUEROR' zeigt uns, einer ganz konsequenten und logischen Entwicklung folgend, vermutlich von unserer bisher vielfältigsten Seite. Dabei wurden Parameter wie 'schnell', 'langsam', 'lang', 'kurz', 'heavy', 'soft' nicht einfach weiter auf die Spitze getrieben, sondern viel eher stärker miteinander verwoben', wie Sänger und Gitarrist Christian Kötterl verrät. Und ergänzt: 'Aber auch für Nostalgiker haben wir eine gute Nachricht: Bei aller Progression blitzen hier und da durchaus auch mal die alten Melodeath Wurzeln wieder durch.'
BURDEN OF LIFE verlassen die ausgetretenen Pfade der Genregrenzen, marschieren munter querfeldein und schlagen mit 'THE MAKESHIFT CONQUEROR' neue Wege durch den Dschungel der musikalischen Möglichkeiten. Gut so: Jenseits des Dickichts gibt es viel zu entdecken!
Zum Warmwerden gewähren Band und Label übrigens schon mal einen Blick auf die Tracklist des neuen Albums und präsentieren das Coverartwork von Ann-Kathrin Müller.
01 - The Makeshift Conqueror Pt. I
02 - Geistesblitz
03 - Goddess Of The River
04 - Anthem Of The Unbeloved
05 - Sealing Our Fate
06 - Pisces
07 - Regression (Goddess' Return)
08 - Trust My Own Heart
09 - The Makeshift Conqueror Pt. II
Mehr Informationen zu BURDEN OF LIFE gibt es unter :
Die EP "ALL SHALL BURN" der schwedischen Symphonic Metal Band ELEINE ist heute erschienen. Pünktlich zum Release veröffentlicht die Band zusätzlich ein Lyric Video zum Titel-Track.
Hier könnt ihr "All Shall Burn" ansehen:
"“ALL SHALL BURN” mirrors a rough period for us festered with pain and despair, yet also relief and unity. Join us as we take a step into a bit darker and heavier metal that will seduce and spellbind you.
Join us, and those that are our enemies shall be no more - ALL SHALL BURN!"- ELEINE
Mehr von "All Shall Burn"
Video 'Mein Herz Brennt':
Video 'Enemies':
ELEINE sind:
Madeleine Liljestam, vocals
Rikard Ekberg, guitar/growl/vocals
Jesper Sunnhagen, drums
Anton Helgesson, bass
Ludwig Dante, guitar
In late 2011 vocalist Madeleine Liljestam began working on a symphonic metal project with a focus on delivering meaningful music that both inspire people and touch them on a deeper level.
A year later it all fell in to place when co-founder, songwriter/singer and guitarist Rikard Ekberg joined and ELEINE was born.
ELEINE released their debut single "Gathering Storm" in spring 2014. This was followed by a second single, “Land Beyond Sanity” in March a year later, and April 2015 the world saw the release of ELEINE’s self-titled debut album released through Cardiac Records/Universal.
ELEINE’s music is described as heavy, dark symphonic metal with an oriental touch. While performing on stage, they never fail to deliver a show that captivates the audience by seducing them and striking them with a massive sense of wonder. When people hear ELEINE they also identify the name with an alternative model. Beyond being the lead singer of the band, Madeleine has been on the cover of Scandinavian Tattoo Magazine and models for several large alternative companies. With a combination of modeling and music, ELEINE define themselves as seductive, stylish, and monumental.
In early 2016, ELEINE took a new turn when the band and Cardiac Records went separate ways.
In June of the same year ELEINE independently released the single "Break Take Live" along with a music video that was well received by critics and fans. They also went on a successful European tour alongside MOONSPELL and THE FORESHADOWING.
In 2017 Madeleine and Rikard started their own record label, Algoth Records, and began working with the renowned label Black Lodge Records and Sound Pollution Distribution.
During the same year they played several renowned shows such as Gefle Metal Festival and in October 2017 ELEINE released a new single, "Hell Moon (We Shall Never Die)" before they went on tour in Sweden with the legendary W.A.S.P. After the tour, the band was invited to Japan for the very first time where they played the Loud ‘n Metal Mania Festival in Tokyo.
A new chapter began in February 23rd, 2018 when ELEINE released their second full-length album "Until The End" that was very well received by both critics and fans alike. During the first week of release, the album hit the #1 spot in the Swedish album charts. As of March 21st 2018 the album was released in Asia by the label Marquee Inc./Avalon from Japan where the album included an exclusive bonus track for the region.
2018 Eleine set out on their “Until The End Tour” where a great festival season and a tour as supporting act to ARCH ENEMY awaited them.
The “Until The End Tour” even went to the UK, a first time visit for the band, where after a successful headline tour, many new fans connected with ELEINE.
2019 is an eventful year for ELEINE. Besides playing at several festivals and planning for their exclusive show, An Evening With Eleine, at Södra Teatern in Stockholm, the band has been working on an upcoming EP which is set to be released at the end of 2019.
 Die Platte ist in folgenden Formaten erhältlich:
*JEWELCASE CD + TOTEBAG (Limited to 300 copies)
*10" VINYL (Limited to 300 copies)
Die Berliner Dark Metal-Band EDEN WEINT IM GRAB veröffentlicht heute als Vorgeschmack auf das am 6. Dezember erscheinende neue Album „TRAGIKOMÖDIEN AUS DEM MORDARCHIV“ DIE zweite Single „Letztes Morgenrot“. Dazu drehte die Band einen künstlerischen Videoclip, der das Duellthema des Songs aufgreift und von Sänger und Bassist Alexander Paul Blake selbst inszeniert und geschnitten wurde. 
„Tragikomödien aus dem Mordarchiv“ ist ein Konzeptalbum rund um Verbrechen, Mord und Gräueltaten und ist ab sofort in allen gängigen Shops vorbestellbar. Es erscheint als Koproduktion von Einheit Produktionen (CD & digital), Winter Solitude (Label der Band) und Kernkraftritter (Vinyl). Erhältlich sind auch exklusive Fanpackes mit CD, Vinyl, T-Shirt und Mousepad. Die Single gibt es digital über alle gängigen Plattenformen.
Hier der Clip:
Im Januar und Februar gehen Eden Weint Im Grab mit Wisborg als Supportband auf Tour:
03.01.2020 Leipzig, Hellraiser (+Dryland)
04.01.2020 Köln, MTC
11.01.2020 Erfurt, From Hell (+Munarheim)
18.01.2020 Berlin, Wabe
24.01.2020 Hamburg, MS Stubnitz
25.01.2020 Münster, Rare Guitar
01.02.2020 Braunschweig, B58 (+ LVX Aeterna)
07.02.2020 Cottbus, Muggefug (+ Abrogation)
08.02.2020 Nürnberg, Cult
Label :
Cippangu Production
Country: Italy
Genre: Symphonic black metal
Line-up: Trinity
What can you do when you share your love for black metal and classical music? What's the approach when you love violins as much as filthy guitar riffs? You start a band like Trinity, of course!
Trinity were founded in 1993 as Damnable Desire, in Poland, and splitted when they were divided between Poland and Italy, the current home of the mastermind and only person behind Trinity. What you'll find here is a mixture of two different yet related worlds, where the musician (who is a highschool teacher) combines metal with symphonic elements, creating something that has as much of Bathory as it does from Sepultura or
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is now streaming two new tracks from Mechanical Perdition, the upcoming SPLIT by TREASONIST and Y-INCISION.
Sleazy Nebraska grindbois Y-INCISION make their intense HPGD debut with six tracks of old school Grindcore/Hardcore/Punk madness. Oregon's own TREASONIST return to Horror Pain Gore Death unleashing seven tracks of crushing Death Metal that leaves no safe space for retreat. Mechanical Perdition is a vicious tag team assault of aggression that destroys the ills of the technological age!
The new songs are now playing at:
TREASONIST: "Chemically Silenced" -
Y-INCISION: "Bowie Was Right About Americans" -
Horror Pain Gore Death is set to unleash the 13-track Mechanical Perdition November 22 on CD and digital formats. Pre-order at
1. A + B Is To A As A Is To B
2. Lunaticus: A Vitruvian's Tale Signifying Nothing
3. Snowflake Tears As Lube
4. Bowie Was Right About Americans
5. This Ad Isn't Running Because It Includes An Image Or Video Depicting Excessive Skin Or Nudity
6. Leech Of Pity (Treasonist cover)
Nathan Mote - Vocals
Andrew Goodman - Guitars
Alex Johnson - Guitars
Brian Rush - Bass/Vocals
Jason "The Machine" Borton – Drums
7. Nothing Left In The Aftermath
8. Perpetual Greed
9. Chemically Silenced
10. Spiteful Tongues Condemn
11. Cranial Abandonment
12. Unleash The Beast
13. A Moment Is The Most You Can Expect From Perfection (Y-Incision cover)
Michaelous Rage - Vocals, Samples
Big Gay Tony - Guitar
Psyclopserpent - Bass
Chimmy Chonga - Drums
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions:         
Chicago (IL) - Death/Thrash Metal quintet CRUSADIST have released a lyric video for "For Blood and Conquest," a track from forthcoming debut album THE UNHOLY GRAIL. Check it out at
Crusadist will release The Unholy Grail on November 29.
In March of 2019 Crusadist entered Belle City Sound in Racine, Wisconsin to begin recording The Unholy Grail with producer/engineer Chris Djuricic (Origin, Jungle Rot, November's Doom, Gorgasm, Against The Plagues). Mixing and Mastering duties were then handled by Jeramie Kling ( The Absence, Venom Inc.) and Taylor Nordberg (The Absence, Soilwork) of Smoke and Mirrors Productions in Spring Hills Florida. The cover art was created by Swedish Artist Par Olofsson (Immolation, Exodus, Unleashed, Aborted, Braindrill, Against The Plagues).   
The Unholy Grail will be available on all major digital distributors, as well as on physical format in digipaks. The digipak layout was designed by Ryan Kasparian of Burial Clothing in Eerie, Colorado.
In support of the release, Crusadist has a string of shows booked in the surrounding states in the midwest region and have teamed up with Mikael Parks of World Forge Booking & Touring to work on tour dates beginning March 20 - April 6, 2020.
The band previously released a lyric video for the title track, which can be viewed at
Pre-order The Unholy Grail
Track List
1. For Blood and Conquest
2. The Unholy Grail
3. Tempered in Black Flame
4. A Moonlit Brigade
5. The Hammer at Dawn
6. Triumphant Through Torture
7. Beyond The Count of Grief
8. The Noble Savage
9. Only The Fearless Ride
Formed in July of 2017, by Founding members Shaun Albro, Aaron Nobles and Kevin Ariel. In February of 2018, Drummer Jason Rak joined the group. After countless auditions and failed attempts to find a second guitarist, they decided to record a 3-song demo to showcase the style and to find the missing piece. The recording took place at Iron Hand Audio in Chicago Illinois and was recorded by Dan Klein. Guitarist Luke Sever agreed to help with the recording and went on to write and record the solos on the demo. Once the demo was finished, it was obvious that the search was over.
Now that everything was falling into place, the band started accepting show offers and began to book shows both locally and regionally. Performing in the surrounding states and opening for national and international acts such as Exmortus, Hatchet, Micawber, The Absence, Depths of Hatred, Kalmah, Vried, Homewrecker, Empyrean Throne, Nile, Terrorizer and Vital Remains. During this time the band continued to write material with plans to record a full-length album.  That album turned into The Unholy Grail.          
Dear Friends in the Press and Media worldwide,  Sentient Ruin is honored and proud to work again with DECOHERENCE, a band which has helped shape this label’s reach, roster, catalog, and vision to great extents, allowing us to pave our destiny beyond any milestone previously reached, and to be a part in the genesis of one of black metal’s most inspired and visionary new acts.
After unleashing their soul-consuming debut self-titled 7"EP via Sentient Ruin earlier in 2019, the multinational industrial atmospheric black metal entity finally return with their highly anticipated debut full-length album EKPYROSIS, unravelling tenfold the darkness and sonic enormity of their debut 7" and leaving the listener helpless to decay before a massive sonic singularity as they manipulate dark matter and eviscerate darkness to open a passageway to a realm beyond.
In a manner not dissimilar to the territory already tread by pillars of the genre like Blut Aus Nord and Darkspace, on Ekpyrosis Decoherence juxtapose cold martial industrial drum patterns with surreal and disorienting electronic noise soundscapes and walls of mangled, angular, and dissonant guitars to create a monstrous alien landscape and transport the listener to an otherworldly dimension, deep into the darkest and most remote and inhospitable corners of the cosmos, where dark forces of unfathomable destructiveness and cataclysms of unimaginable magnitude dominate an inhuman realm devoid of any light or warmth. An obsidian monolith of sidereal terror and hallucinating claustrophobia, Ekpyrosis is a sonic event horizon where concepts like coldness, emptiness, vastness, and nothingness obtain an entirely new meaning and are taken to an incomprehensible extreme to instate into the listener a feeling of widespread fear, complete loss of self, and of permanent and consuming dissolution.
Leading up to the album’s imminent release, Invisible Oranges has premiered one of the album’s tracks calling Ekpyrosis “unrelenting, extremely atmospheric, and layered extensively with electronic and analog soundscapes that meld seamlessly to form one solid slab of obsidian“
A second track was premiered shortly after by Decibel Magazine , who defined the bands’s music an “abyssal black metal onslaught”.
The monstrous pitch-black album was self-recorded and mixed by the band, mastered at mexican black metal dungeon Necrousound, and features artwork by LEV .FM from iconic Sentient Ruin label mates Sleepwalker.
Ekpyrosis releases officially on November 22 2019 on black and/or colored vinyl LP, cassette tape and digital through Sentient Ruin exclusively world-wide, and all formats are now pre-ordeable on our site or on our Bandcamp page.
Thank you as always for your time and attention given to our releases. Sincerely,  Sentient Ruin            
Diogo Marins - All instruments
The main concept of "Entity" was to take the listener through a soundscape of horror and fear, as if it was a movie with several nightmarish stories. With the 2018 release "Dead In The Water", the one-man-band solidified its progressive death metal style due to its broad merging of influences like death metal, black metal, heavy metal and even soundtrack symphonic passages.
In early 2019 the third album "Entity" is released, showcasing a heavier sound while maintaning its melodic side. When it comes to musical references, and appart from bands such as Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Wasp, Motorhead, Dimmu Borgir and a million more, The Ogre likes to explore soundtracks from movies and video game to draw inspiration and drive the listener into fear or tension or even something unexpected.
All songs talk about macabre tales, urban legends, occultism and even personal experiences taking the listener through a unique sound experience diving straight into an obscure, dark and lost universe.
The Korporation is proud to announce that Belgian warriors PESTIFER are joining the Xeno-Lords’ armies in their Multiverse War against all life and, in particular, weak Humanity, with the 2020 release of forthcoming third full-length, “EXPANDING OBLIVION“.
Formed in 2004, having released two successfull albums and toured Europe thrice with the likes of KATAKLYSM, KRISIUN and NILE, PESTIFER are known for their unique brand of Death Metal combining mindblowing playing abilities, elaborate riffing and complex song-structures.
With its analog and near-live sound and yet a huge production (mastering by Victor BULLOK (TRIPTYKON, NONEUCLID…), new album “Expanding Oblivion” and its unique Sci-Fi concept that develops in every song and throughout the album as a whole, will clearly demonstrate the band’s seemingly boundless inspiration, bringing them to a new level, pleasing all fans of both old-school Death Metal and modern Tech Death alike, never falling into neither of both actual trends though.
“Expanding Oblivion” will be released during the first half of 2020 as a limited edition DigiPak CD first print. Meanwhile, first two albums “Age of Disgrace” (2010) and “Reaching the Void” (2014) have been made available for immediate download / stream on all major platforms, among which the
Track List
The Remedy
Ominous Wanderers
Silent Spheres
Swallower of Worlds
Fractal Sentinels
Grey Hosts
Lone Entity
Expanding Oblivion
Total Running Time: 44:58
2020 – “Expanding Oblivion“
2014 – “Reaching the Void“
2010 – “Age of Disgrace“
2006 – “s/t” [EP]
Line Up
Jérôme BERNARD – Vocals
Valéry BOTTIN – Guitars
Adrien GUSTIN – Bass
Philippe GUSTIN – Drums        
Hungary's melodic death metallers NEEDLESS have published a new music video for the track 'On A Journey Sublunaris', which is taken off from their debut full-length 'HERESY'.
Watch the video at this location:
The band comments: «"On A Journey Sublunaris" is a contemplation about the sublunar sphere between Earth and Moon. This is the sphere of all living things. Here is our journey taken, which is sometimes unforgiving and done with fear under our self-made, imaginary beholder called god.»
Directed by No Total Films
Directors: Dániel Szécsényi, Márk Valach
Drone footage from Iceland taken by Alexander Schmidt Photography:
Song recorded at No Silence Sound Studio during April 2019.
Producer: István Simon "Simi"     
Label :
Xtreem Music
Country: Italy
Genre: Death Metal
Max – Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Matt – Drums Line-up:
Max – Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Matt – Drums
DAEMONIAC was founded by Max ex Horrid (member/founder from 1988 to 03/2014) in the end of 2013, later joins Matt ex-Horrid (member from 1997 to 2009) and the band began to play... Pier friend and fans from long time joins the band too, with great attitude and passion. DAEMONIAC, now is ready to destroy, massive and powersound guitars in the name of the Swedish oldschool Death Metal!
In April 2015 the band recorded their debut EP called "Lord of Immolation" at Sunlight Studio (Sweden) with Tomas Skogsberg and the artwork from the hands of Chris Moyen. The band signed for Xtreem Music a deal for this EP and the upcoming albums, Matt and Pier left the band for personal reasons... Dave (Funest) is the new drummer and Nicko (Ekpyrosis) is the new guitatist. The line-up is completed between August and September 2016 the band recorded the debut full-length album called "Spawn of the Fallen" again at Sunlight Studio in Sweden with Tomas Skogsberg,t he 01.01.2017 the album is out via Xtreem Music.
Nicko left the band in December 2016 for personal reasons. Gigi is the new bassist and Max switched to guitar, this is the new power-trio after some months. Later on, Dave and Gigi left the band. In the beginning of 2018 Matt joins again the band, as drummer, so Max and Matt continue with the bomb "Dwellers of Apocalypse", recorded in Sweden during June 2019 at Sunlight Studio, artwork by Chris Moyen, the new coming album released through Xtreem Music, borns from the deep of Hell. Now the line-up will be completed for the end of 2019.